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Thai girls are interesting creatures

giving thai girls money

Giving Thai Girls Money

Should you give your Thai girlfriend Money? Seems to be a common discussion among expats in Thailand and the “how much you should give” seems to be the next obvious question. Honestly the first few years in Thailand I thought […]

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Sex in Thailand

Sex in Thailand – Thai Sex Book

So, you’re heading over to Thailand, huh? Maybe you’re just popping in for a weekend of debauchery for some sex in Thailand, or perhaps you’re planning an extended holiday and want to have the time of your life. Hell, maybe you’re […]

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Dark Skin or Light Skin Thai Girls

In the west we have a saying “Blondes have more fun”. In Thailand we have a saying “darker girls have more fun”. I get asked all the time and you get this too i’m sure, Thai women will ask “Why […]

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chasing Thai bar girls

Chasing Thai Bar Girls

Playing the game in Thailand is pretty easy a $1000 a month stipend you can have a place to live all the food you can eat and combined with a smart phone you can pretty much get laid as much […]

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When Thai Girls Ask For Money

When Thai Girls Ask For Money

You won’t start dating Thai girls for long before you get hit up for some money. First of all your OK with it. I mean ten bucks here for dinner, 20 bucks maybe for some shoes all good. Then before […]

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thailand dating tips

Real Online Dating Tips for Thailand

Recently I’ve been reviewing how I approached online dating for the most efficient and effective way to get laid in Thailand. Many guys complain about the amount of time and effort that it takes to get laid from online dating. […]

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Thai girlfriends

Thai Girls Fall in Love in 15 minutes

Dating a Thai girl is not like dating a western woman and one thing newbies will learn quickly is that many times Thai girls will Love you within minutes. How many Thai girls have you met that fall in love […]

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Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

I’m really fond of the sponsorship deal mainly because changing girls all the time can be dangerous in Thailand where STD’s are more common than getting the flu. Having a Gik (casual partner) is a good way to satisfy the […]

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The real cost of Sex in Thailand 2017

While most guys I know prefer the good freebie with but there comes a time in every Thai Ex-Pat’s life that he should try paid sex in Thailand. Whether you do it with a street hooker or a regular prostitute […]

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Thai girls gone wild

Thai Girls Gone Wild

Here are some videos from this guy Hans from Germany who likes to video tape his exploits in Thailand. It’s not explicit but I’m sure this guy has his own personal collection of videos I’m sure many would love to […]

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thai girl dunking game

Dunk Thai Girl Into Water Game

I strolled down to the beach today where the Pattaya Music Festival is being held right now, the concert is better off looking at on TV honestly it’s so hot and crowded round the main stage hard to get drinks […]

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virgin in Thailand

How much it costs for a Virgin in Pattaya

I know a guy who likes pregnant women, strange fetish but hey that’s what this guy likes. There’s even a solid supply of pregnant women lining beach Road as well. You’ve got anything from two months pregnant until the final […]

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bored need somethign to do

Finding something for your Thai girl to do

I like the idea of sponsorship agreements, live in girlfriends and hang-a-rounds and I’m OK if the girls are not currently employed in fact it’s better if they don’t so you can get the most out of your  agreement. Not […]

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Thai country and Thai City Girls

City Girls vs Country Girls in Thailand

As I’ve been traveling all over Thailand I’ve noticed something that I often don’t talk about. Some people may say good Thai girls or Bad Thai girls and even I talk about getting laid for the cost of a bowl […]

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Mall Fining Thai Girls

Mall Fining Thai Girls

A mate of mine recently introduced me to the term “Mall Fining” which is a twist on the whole “Bar Fining. A Bar fine is where you pay the bar in order to take the girl out and then you […]

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Problems with playing the game in Thailand

Problems with playing the game in Thailand

Sometimes I’ll go through months of using Dating Sites, then I’ll move to the Chat Sites, then i’ll go through periods of sleaze where I’m hitting the Karaoke Clubs, G clubs and go go clubs, I’ll have stints at beer […]

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