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Dating In Thailand

thailand dating sites

Thai Dating Sites – How much it costs to join!

It’s true what they say, sex in not free! And if you’re using online dating sites in Thailand that’s especially true. Yes there are free Thai dating sites but you get what you pay for or should I say don’t […]

thailand dating tips

Real Online Dating Tips for Thailand

Recently I’ve been reviewing how I approached online dating for the most efficient and effective way to get laid in Thailand. Many guys complain about the amount of time and effort that it takes to get laid from online dating. […]

How to steal a Thai girl away from her current boyfriend

How to steal a Thai girl away from her current boyfriend

Not exactly the most moral thing to do but you know what most Thai girls in a relationship are still open to talking to other guys. It’s a practice I leaned well during dating 500+ Thai women. I’ve had Thai […]

Thai language only dating sites

Top 5 best Thai Language Only Dating Sites

Don’t you wish you had a better playing field? Does it seem like every time you go on the major dating sites that you’re competing against a billion other Farang. Well I’ve found 5 Thai language dating sites that have so few […]

will pay for sex in Thailand

When to pay for sex in Thailand

Many Thailand newbies are hesitant about paying for sex, seems unnatural and even perverse, dirty, and most guys I know are adamant that they will never pay for sex while they are in Thailand! The reality is not if you will pay for sex […]

The real cost of Sex in Thailand 2016

While most guys I know prefer the good freebie with Thai Sex but there comes a time in every Thai Ex-Pat’s life that he should try paid sex in Thailand. Whether you do it with a street hooker or a […]

Asian Dating Playboy

How to be an Asian Dating Playboy

The online dating site Asian Dating often gets over looked in favor of more country niche players like Thai Friendly and Thai Love Links. Why this is I’m not sure, even I’ve been a proponent of Thai Love Links since I first […]

How to Date Multiple Thai Girls at Once - 10 Step Guide

How to Date Multiple Thai Girls at Once – 10 Step Guide

You can sneak around Thai girls or you can be straight up with them, many people employ different strategies while two timing their Thai girls. Here are 10 different steps that you can employ that will allow you to safely […]

Mall Fining Thai Girls

Mall Fining Thai Girls

A mate of mine recently introduced me to the term “Mall Fining” which is a twist on the whole “Bar Fining. A Bar fine is where you pay the bar in order to take the girl out and then you […]

speed dating in Bangkok

Speed Dating in Bangkok Thailand

For less than the cost of a Dating site you can go to a speed dating event in Bangkok and meet 20+ single girls in one night! I simply love this concept. I’ve been to speed dating events in California […]

10 Reasons to dump your Thai Girlfriend immediately

10 Reasons to dump your Thai Girlfriend immediately

Knowing when to pull the plug on a Thai girlfriend is something every guy who comes to Thailand should know or maybe you’ve been living in Thailand for years now and your stuck in a relationship you think isn’t going […]

Problems with playing the game in Thailand

Problems with playing the game in Thailand

Sometimes I’ll go through months of using Dating Sites, then I’ll move to the Chat Sites, then i’ll go through periods of sleaze where I’m hitting the Karaoke Clubs, G clubs and go go clubs, I’ll have stints at beer […]

Single Mom in Khon Kaen

Single Moms in Thailand

I’ve been in Khon Kaen a few days now and met a number of people but this story is really about single moms in Thailand not just the one I met. If you use the dating sites you’ll notice a […]