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Chiang Mai Meetup

It’s actually been two years since my last public meetup, I don’t normally do it but since I’m leaving Chiang Mai in a few months I think it’s a good time. It also happens to be my mates Birthday, he owns the Angel Bar in the Loi Kroh boxing ring. Lots of local expats and businessmen […]

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Pure Bangkok Escorts World Cup Promotion

Pure Bangkok Escorts

My mate, and one of my biggest sponsors is throwing a huge promotion for the World Cup at Pure Bangkok Escorts. During the World Cup, if you buy 2 escorts at the same time, and you mention that Living Thai sent you, you will get the second escort 20% off! If you mention that you […]

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VIP Party of the Year 2013

My last party was in Pattaya and it was one of the best nights out I’ve had in Sin City. This time round I’m in Chiang Mai and if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t had  a party in a while it’s because I’ve been busy checking out the nights hotspots making relationships with some […]

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Pattaya VIP Party Photos

Pattaya VIP Party

For the four lucky guys who come to the party a few quickly snapped up the bar fines there were a few guys who made use of the Mile High Rooms. Big thanks to the guys who came but a bigger thanks to all the other VIP members who have made this site what it […]

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Free VIP Party in Pattaya

I plan on leaving Pattaya in a few weeks and wanted to go out with a bang! It’s been a while since I had an open invitation VIP party (mostly they are private and not publicized). Therefore next Saturday night the 18th of May 2013 I am having the first VIP party in Pattaya, and […]

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Top 25 Best Detinations in the world

According to TripAdvisor their travellor’s choice awards for 2012 has the citizens and expats of Chiang Mai excited as Chiang Mai was ranked 24th out of a possible 25 top destinations in the world. While the city may be on the bottom of the list it’s still the only city in Thailand to make the […]

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Public Holidays & Festivals for Thailand 2013

Public Holidays & Festivals for Thailand 2013

One of the most interesting holidays they have in Thailand is the Ploughing ceromony, while it’s not exactly a Public Holiday the Public does come out in droves to see it live as well as whatching on TV. While I’ve never been I’ve watched it every year. What happens is they get these rice seeds […]

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Coyote and Karaoke Party Thursday October 25th 2012

Thursday October 25th is a day you’ll want to mark on your calendar because that day I’m hosting another super fun coyote party and I have a few things planned for the event to make it super fun! Just like the other parties I’ve hosted everything is included and there are no surprises at the […]

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Bangsaen 5th anniversary party Penthouse girls

Penthouse Thailand Magazine

Four of the hottest penthouse babes from last year are going to be at the Baansaen coyote club next sunday night September 30th 2012. This is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Baansaen coyote club in Chiang Mai. The event will be held at it’s second location located on the Chiang Mai nightlife map. […]

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Sungsunclub Pretty G Party Bangkok

Pretty G Party Bangkok

I know everyone likes a deal and a great party so I have a awesome event for you today. This friday september 21 2012 the Sungsunclub Thailands favourite nightlife board is having a party at The Venice which they’ve aptly dubbed “Sungsunclub Pretty G Party”. For 1200 baht ticket drink black label all night long! […]

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Karaoke Coyote Party Photos

party in Thailand

Our last party 2 days ago which also coincided with my birthday (only a few days late) was one of the better parties we’ve had this year and if you weren’t there then you really missed out! But don’t worry I’m sure there will be another one soon. If you want the best experience become […]

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Khun Hoo playing at the เดือนเพ็ญ nightclub

คันหู ร้าน เดือนเพ็ญ ที่ เชียงใหม่ 24สค. Well guys if you havn’t heard of the Kun Hoo song this is your oportunity to see this chick work it out live in Chiang Mai at the เดือนเพ็ญ nightclub in Chiang Mai. Now this place is typically dead actually me and my mate went there about 9 the […]

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Private Sang Som Coyote Party Chiang Mai

Buy Tickets Now

It’s my birthday and I’m having a Coyote party at my favourite karaoke house Lee Lah in Chiang Mai, you are invited to come. I’m no longer doing the meetups like I used too because too many people is not much fun, more smaller intimate parties are much more fun, in fact I KNOW you […]

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