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Ways and stories about getting around Thailand

Riding a Bicycle in Bangkok

I haven’t ridden a bike honestly since High School and the idea of biking around Bangkok, while it would beat walking, finding a place to dump it when I get to my destination just sounds like a nightmare. Spend only a few days in Bangkok and you’ll notice a lot of people use bikes, especially […]

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Taxi Drivers in Bangkok

I lived in Chiang Mai for years and I never called a cab, not once! Mostly because if you called them it would be 200 baht minimum! It’s a lot cheaper now and I actually think they have meter taxis now but still there’s a calling charge and not really worth it. I can’t remember […]

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Expat Bar Chiang Mai | The Secret Garden

Are you sick of meeting up with your mates at the Loi kroh beer bars, U.N. pub and other places inside town? Well I found a really cool expat hangout that’s not only popular with westerners but Thai’s as well. Has free pool table tables and the best ribs in town. They have tables that […]

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Changes in Chiang Mai a Year on

Chiang Mai is changing all the time but because it happens at a gradual pace when you look at the subtle differences each day you kind of don’t really see things happening. I was going through some old posts fixing them up when I found the Changes in Chiang Mai post. Those changes are now […]

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How to get to Chiang Mai Speed Karts

chiang mai speed kart

Who wouldn’t like the thrill of racing around the track and if you’re looking for a great course fast wheels then Chiang Mai Speed Karts is how you and your mates should blow off some steam. Chiang Mai Speed Karts are not to be confused with Chiang Mai Go Karts. This place is the real […]

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The best campsite in Northern Thailand

Hire raft in Pang Ung

Pang Ung is about as far out as you can get in Thailand, it’s a place in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand and one of the most picturesque places I can think of up north. If you love camping there in Pang Ung has to be one of the best camp grounds in […]

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Flyboard in Thailand

Flyboard Thailand

The latest gimmick for Thailand’s tourism trade is the Flyboard;. If you have been down to Jomtien lately you might have seen what looks like something out of the movie Iron Man. But in fact it’s a new water craze called Flyboard. Not exactly sure what Flyboard is? No worries, check out these videos below […]

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Swimming at the Chiang Mai Rock Quarry

Chiang Mai Quarry

I’ve been writing a bit about Chiang Mai lately because i’m back in town after my trip to Pattaya and i’m on this whole healthy living trip which has a little to do about this post today because I’m the kinda guy that doesn’t wanna sit still doing nothing all the time and now that […]

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Chiang Mai Graffiti

sanim yok graffiti

Some people call it vandalism others call it art. Street art or Graffiti is global and the Thai’s up in Chiang Mai have their own style. Some guys Tag called SOS can be found pretty much all over the city but what I found most amazing is that most of the graffiti around town is […]

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Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai will soon have the opening of Art In Paradise a huge interactive Art Museum. Pattaya already has an art in Paradise and Chiang Mai is the a logical next place for them but no doubt we’ll end up seeing a Bangkok and Phuket version of Art in Paradise because this place is super […]

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Everything to do in Pattaya that’s NOT SEX

I’ve been in Pattaya the past 2 months checking out all there is to do here. Last year I did all the sex places so I thought I’d check out everything there is to do in Pattaya that have absolutely nothing to do with sex. We can’t spend all our time drinking and going to […]

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Dunk Thai Girl Into Water Game

thai girl dunking game

I strolled down to the beach today where the Pattaya Music Festival is being held right now, the concert is better off looking at on TV honestly it’s so hot and crowded round the main stage hard to get drinks and nowhere to sit but if you like being surrounded by a bunch of Thai […]

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How to get away from Songkran Festival 2013

Songkran Festival 2013

After entering my 5th year of living in Thailand the whole Songkran festival is just way too much, first couple years was fine but now it’s just old and I want out. I don’t want to get wet, period. How do you get away from the Songkran Festival? When is the Songkran Festival Thailand on […]

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