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Ways and stories about getting around Thailand

thai girl dunking game

Dunk Thai Girl Into Water Game

I strolled down to the beach today where the Pattaya Music Festival is being held right now, the concert is better off looking at on TV honestly it’s so hot and crowded round the main stage hard to get drinks […]

Songkran Festival 2013

How to get away from Songkran Festival 2013

After entering my 5th year of living in Thailand the whole Songkran festival is just way too much, first couple years was fine but now it’s just old and I want out. I don’t want to get wet, period. How […]

ship bike from chiang mai to pattaya

How to ship your Bike through the Thai Post Office

I’ve decided to spend a few months in Pattaya actually it might be more like 6 months i’m still not sure, after last year in Pattaya I realized I didn’t have any real goals except to break up with my […]

Thai people are bad drivers

Thai People Are Bad Drivers

Thai People can’t drive. That’s basically what Thailand wants to do is tell the world that when they come to Thailand expect to encounter motorists who don’t stop at a red light. The Nation recently published this article about how […]

Battle of the Zip Line Tours in Chiang Mai

Battle of the Zip Line Tours in Chiang Mai

There’s a battle going on in Chiang Mai these days, there are Gibbons, Squirrels and Eagles fighting for the dominance of the lucrative Zip Line adventure tours. Flight of the Gibbon were the first to come out and have set […]

Awesome 5 Star Hotels in Luang Prabang Laos

I’ve been doing some research lately on getting your visa done in different country and most people have said that they are heading to Loas. Now Loas is a pretty poor country and very old school and I’m sure when […]

The Harbour Chiang Mai

I went over to in front of Chiang Mai University today to check out the new fashion and food mall and found something that looked straight out of California, only on a smaller scale. The place looks really great and […]

Honda Click and Honda Wave

Transport Options in Chiang Mai

Can you get around Chiang Mai without having wheels? Sure there are red pickup trucks called Song Taew or locally as the red bus these are 20 baht to anywhere in and around the city. Just stop any of them […]

How to travel WITHOUT a computer

I’ll start this post by explaining why there is a 2 week gap between my last posts. I’ve been writing 1.7 posts per day for the past 18 months without a break and I was starting to feel like I […]

Why i'm going to Isaan and small town Thailand

Why i’m going to Isaan and small town Thailand

You know I’ve been pretty harsh on Isaan girls and while i’m not flip flopping my article on why you should stay away from Isaan girls as it still has a lot of merit I feel like i’m not exactly […]

Where to travel in Thailand

You can never really run out of places and attractions to see in Thailand. With spectacular beaches, ideal weather, affordable prices, and an interesting and well defined culture, there are too many destination options to list. Regardless of where you […]

Maya Shopping Mall Chiang Mai

Construction of Maya Shopping Mall Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is absolutely booming right now with so many malls being built and massive apartment buildings it’s staggering. Here are photos of a brand new mall being built the Maya shopping mall in Chiang Mai. It’s not huge compared […]

Best videos ever made on Thailand

Best videos ever made of Thailand

Here are some of my best pics for the best videos made on some of the most famous cities in Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and the islands if you ever wanted to see what you can expect in […]