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Top 25 Best Detinations in the world

According to TripAdvisor their travellor’s choice awards for 2012 has the citizens and expats of Chiang Mai excited as Chiang Mai was ranked 24th out of a possible 25 top destinations in the world. While the city may be on the bottom of the list it’s still the only city in Thailand to make the […]

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Kony 2012 Officially Viral

Kony 2012 Officially Viral

If you havn’t heard about Kony 2012 you will soon. The new movie by Invisible Children was released a few days ago and is attracting millions of views and awareness about the current most evil man in the world. To be honest I’ve never heard of this guys name before but I had heard of […]

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Teacher masturbates in classroom

Paul Laduke masturbates in christian school classroom

[ad#Google Horizontal] Paul Laduke is a teacher at a normal suburban Christian school but recently he was charged with masturbating in the classroom while he taught kids. He was charged with a felony for allegedly masturbating behind a podium while teaching class. Authorities believe he may have done this for the past 10 years. Cook […]

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Freak Snowstorm in Northeastern USA leaves 2 million without power

freak snowstorm in conneticut

Snow in October is rare in the north eastern USA but this year its come early and with force breaking all records. This is probably just the beginning. With all the rainfall that asia has experienced this year it’s no doubt going to turn the other side of the globe and crush them with unprecedented […]

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The story of Chris Medina What are words

The story of Chris Medina

If your not a follower of American Idol then chances are you’ve never heard of Chris Medina. Hopefully though after you hear the story of Chris Medina you’ll remember his name for times to come. When I first saw the following video I couldn’t help to shed a few tears and since i’ve shown the […]

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Police in Opelika Alabama Bust people not paying child support by offering them free football tickets

[ad#Google Horizontal] Those of you who have never been to the USA might not know this but Police in America regularly and routinely use entrapment techniques to bust bad guys. A lot of the times like the case of the dateline show that shows Chris Hansen busting potential child molesters is what is called entrapment. […]

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What the US debt stacked in 100 USD dollar bills really looks like

US ten 10000 dollars

[ad#Google Horizontal] The US National debt is out of control. In the following images of US 100 dollar bills stacked in different amounts, you’ll see exactly what the US debt actually looks like if you were to stack the 100 dollar bills upon one another. The images are frightening, you’ve been warned. 100 US Dollars […]

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Guatemala City Sink Hole opens up in old Mexican ladies bedroom

Guatemala City Sink Hole in Ladies bedroom

This is something you never want to hear, a large exploding sound coming from inside your house! [ad#Links Horiz 468] Well, that’s what one old lady in Guatemala City experienced, she had the fright of her life when she heard a massive sound coming from her bedroom, she ran outside thinking that her house had […]

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