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Learn To Type In Thai

As I’ve repeated many times in this blog the secret to learning the Thai language quickly is knowing the Thai Alphabet. The biggest reason is Thai people virtually live on Facebook and with the price of smart phones continually falling […]

Thai words you can't translate to English

Thai words you can’t translate to English

The ability to speak and communicate in another language gives you insight into some of the shortcomings of your own language as well as the other. Sometimes I’m speaking English to other foreigners wanting to just say some Thai words […]

Aussie Guy Sings for The Star Thailand

Aussie Guy Sings for The Star Thailand

I don’t watch TV anymore so I’m out of the loop on all the news other than what I might see on the internet. So when a girl messages me on Facebook and says there’s a Aussie guy called Chris […]

How long it really takes to learn Thai

This is no joke but I learned to type 20 words a minute in Thai language within 3 months! But learning to read and write to a point that I could write an interesting email to a friend all in […]

Thai Alphabet Stencils

Learn to Write in Thai

I hear people say how hard Thai is because there are so many letters in the alphabet though really there is only 44 constanents and 21 vowels and 5 tone markers. So really that’s only 60 you’ve got to remember […]

How to make money from your Thai ED Visa

How to make money from your Thai ED Visa

I recommend everyone I know when they come to Thailand to simply sign up to a language school get their ED visa and spend the next 3 years living in Paradise and learning Thai. Learning Thai isn’t as hard as […]

Touch Type in Thai

How to Touch Type in Thai

I can type about 120 words a minute in English using a laptop but i’m not so sure about my Thai skills it’s probably only about 20-30 words a minute if I’m thinking about what to write. If I’m copying […]

3 Rules to Motivate yourself to learn Thai

3 Rules to Motivate yourself to learn Thai

There is no magic pill you can pop that will have you speaking Thai in Days it actually requires some hard work and effort to be able to speak Thai. No matter what boors you buy or programs you try […]

5 Good applications for learning Thai on your iPhone

5 Good applications for learning Thai on your iPhone

As you know I don’t have an iPhone mostly because if I did I would never get offline. But I know many of you do and luckily one good reader sent me in this list of apps you can buy […]

Why you cant speak Thai

Why you can’t speak Thai

If you’ve used any program or detailed book to learn Thai maybe it’s a podcast or downloadable program all except Rossetta Stone have the same problem. They try to teach you by theory. What I mean by this is that […]

The Proper way to learn Thai from your Thai Girlfriend

The Proper way to learn Thai from your Thai Girlfriend

If your serious about learning Thai and you live in Thailand then the best way to do it is to live with Thai people. The easiest way is to get a Thai girlfriend to come live with you. But why […]

You can't learn Thai from a Thai

You can’t learn Thai from a Thai

If I go out somewhere sit down and start talking to waiters the barmen or the bar girls laughing and joking people often come up to me in amazement wondering how on earth I learned Thai. Most don’t believe that […]

Learn Thai By using Thai songs

Using Thai songs to help you learn Thai

Learning Thai can be extremely rewarding whether you live in Thailand or not. But Thai like any other language requires time and effort to make it happen it won’t happen overnight. What helped me a lot when learning Thai was […]