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Young Guys Bringing Thai Prostitutes Home

Thai Prostitutes

There’s a decent amount of bar girls in Pattaya who have spent a few months or even a couple of years with a foreign man in his home country, before coming right back to the bar shortly after.  The strange thing is that many of the guys who do this are young, as in under [...]

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Cyber-begging in Thailand

ichitan spends 3 million

What started as a funny 2 minute rant on You Tube from an unknown shirtless teen turns into a question of equality and respect regarding money that Thai’s rarely talk about. Thai’s aren’t shy about discussing money especially asking about how much money someone makes or what assets they have. Thai’s are also very open [...]

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Customer Service Big “C” Style

big c

DISCLAIMER: This is a readers submission and the Author remains anonymous Before moving to Thailand I was, among many other things, a Customer Service Manager at a couple of call centers. I started with a Class Action Administration company, and later, after studying for and passing the Series 7 & 63 licensing exams to become a registered Stock Broker, [...]

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Evil people everywhere not just Thailand

evil people

Many times on this website I generalize, i’ll say Thai girl this and Thai people, that mostly because saying that bitch or naming some person would likely end me in trouble and more enemies than I care to have. Like I don’t have enough already. But mostly the reason I’ll do this is because that’s [...]

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How to get into trouble in Thailand

trouble in Thailand

It’s amazing how many people find themselves becoming victims in Thailand. In the west people live very sheltered lives from home in the car to work and back home again and often their childhoods were the same. For someone without any street smarts Thailand quickly turns into a minefield of scams, heartbreak, and even death. [...]

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Are Bar Fines out of control?

sex lies and bar girls

I understand inflation, and I know that it’s not as easy to make money in the game anymore due to exploding property prices and higher rent prices, everything seems to be going up. But the extortionate fees some Go Go bars are asking for makes me wonder how much further can they go? If you’re [...]

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Why choose to live in Thailand?

moving to thailand

There isn’t one kind of person that comes to Thailand there are many. There’s the sex starved older English gent that finds paradise in the Neon lights of Pattaya to the American couple who have figured out that they don’t want to live there lives drowned in debt only to realize they’ve missed out on [...]

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Can you live on $600 USD a month in Thailand?

thailand on 600 a month

Amazingly you’ll still find sites telling you that you can live in Thailand on $600 USD a month and while that’s possible there are many hidden costs that simply buying a plane ticket and without spending any of your own savings (if you even have any) and making the move to Thailand it’s simply not [...]

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5 Lies people who visit Pattaya tell themselves

lies in pattaya

While Pattaya is popular with the Russian Family holiday maker lets face it, the only reason why most people besides that Russians are here is for the sex and lots of it. Millions of people visit this seaside city and it isn’t just for the beach which by any measure is simply a joke. People [...]

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Buying Your Way into Heaven: Hope you have your receipt

buy your way to heaven

It’s nothing new or even unique for people to give a little piece of what they earn to anything associated with the man upstairs.  The act of “tithing” is mentioned in both the Old and New Testament; and many people give their church or synagogue 10% of their income.   Thailand and different Buddhist temples have [...]

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Internet Celebrities of Thailand

Internet celebrities of Thailand

Having lived in Thailand the past 5 years I honestly have no idea of the going on’s back in the USA and since it’s been 10+ years since I lived in my motherland Australia I have no idea how Social Media has changed things there but what I know is people here spend more time [...]

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Why Thailand is an Amazing place to live!

Amazing Thailand

The Year 2013 has been an amazing year not just for me but for many Expats in Thailand. Tourist numbers are up, and more people moving to Thailand I started to ask myself “what is so Amazing about Thailand” so much so that more and more people are coming to live here. Already Thailand has [...]

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Porn in Thailand

Thai Porn

You know porn is illegal in Thailand but a quick look around on the net and it’s almost impossible NOT to find a Thai porn site. I’ve even written an article exposing the underground swingers and underage porn in Thailand but still it’s out there. I was looking for some pictures online when i came [...]

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