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Tim Sharky, Stickman, and the Tourist Police. Huh?

I was at a party the other day when a guy was telling me about how Tim Ward in Pattaya who claims that money and gold were stolen from his apartment. Now I have no real comment on the guy personally, don’t know him, and since he doesn’t drink and only fucks crack whores I […]

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Rape in Thailand

rape in Thailand

The year 2014 I’ll remember forever as the year the most horrific rape and murders in Thailand that I’ve heard about, but rape is nothing new to Thailand I’ve documented a number of cases that were just horrible here on the site but so far nothing comes close to the rape and murder of the 13 […]

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Why I like Thai University Girls

I’ve dated university girls from several countries now and I’d have to say that USA girls are the most fun and adventurous but the Thai University girls are on top of the list because of one reason, the Uniform. Thai’s wear uniforms for all levels of schooling and pretty much any customer service related industry […]

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How to get a 5 year Thai Visa

thailand 5 year visa

What I love about Thailand is they have all these rules but then they have all these loopholes and ways around things that you just don’t get back home. If the bars are supposed to be shut at 1am then they are shut. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a different venue to get […]

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It’s Time to leave Thailand

Ain't noone with means leaving Thailand because of the "crackdown"

This website promotes the most debaucherous behavior in Thailand it’s amazing its’ still online but somehow it is and everyday i’m sure there’s some little idea that comes from this site that causes some knucklehead to come to Thailand. You know millions of people come to Thailand every year and for the majority of those […]

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Cheating ain’t what it used to be

Thai Cheat also

Technology is killing the ability to cheat and not get caught.   If you have a wife or girlfriend determined to catch you, you will get caught, it’s as simple as that!  The syncing and navigating and browsing we do is recorded and shared with each device we use.  Our passwords get stored, sometimes without us […]

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Thailand Message Board Behavior

thailand messageboard

I think people underrate just how big internet message boards are.  People know that Facebook and Twitter are important, but because message boards are spread out among tens of thousands of url’s, their impact is overlooked.   I think they’re an important part of the modern internet culture we have today.  Chances are that you […]

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Changes in Chiang Mai a Year on

Chiang Mai is changing all the time but because it happens at a gradual pace when you look at the subtle differences each day you kind of don’t really see things happening. I was going through some old posts fixing them up when I found the Changes in Chiang Mai post. Those changes are now […]

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Dumb Tourists in Thailand

Dumb Tourists

There doesn’t seem to be a country on earth that doesn’t send it’s dumbest citizens to Thailand although the English are mostly getting into trouble for bad behavior it’s Americans that I see have the most problems. Over the years I’ve seen so many stupid things tourists have done here it honestly makes me wonder how […]

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Pickup artists are trained Sociopaths

Pickup Artists

I’ve been lumped in with pickup artists (pua’s) in the past by ignorant feminists who don’t understand the difference between a guy who gets laid and a guy who has to do insane things to get laid.  I do nothing that pickup artists do, and nobody in Thailand needs to do anything like that.  Regarding […]

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No Justice in Thailand

no justice

I don’t find Thailand particularly dangerous. If you use just a few grains of common sense, and you aren’t an angry drunk, you will most likely avoid confrontations and major problems. That’s a win in my book. There is crime in Thailand, and gun violence is well on the rise, but that type of violence […]

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Living under Martial Law in Thailand

So we all wake up the other day to the announcement that they have installed martial law and in a few hours the whole country is supposed to be on lock down as the military enforce a curfew from 10 pm until 5 am. You can bet that one of the most search documents the […]

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Is Thailand Pissing You Off?

thailand is pissing me off

It’s all great to hear about how cheap and wonderful things are here, you can pickup girls like apples on a tree, wild crazy hangover nights that cost less than 50 bucks, but that’s mostly for tourists. Living in Thailand is a lot of hassle and seriously aggravating and often times smelly and dirty. Life […]

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