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Two Gifts To Buy Yourself This Christmas

One thing I would love to see this Christmas is for YouTube to start allowing me to pay a monthly subscription so I don’t have to look at any more ads on the site. The google ads that pop up are super annoying as are the video ads. I realize people gotta make money but […]

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Customer Service Big “C” Style

big c

DISCLAIMER: This is a readers submission and the Author remains anonymous Before moving to Thailand I was, among many other things, a Customer Service Manager at a couple of call centers. I started with a Class Action Administration company, and later, after studying for and passing the Series 7 & 63 licensing exams to become a registered Stock Broker, […]

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How to download Movies with Bittorrents

how to download movies from bittorrent

Not everyone has heard of Bitttorrents and since I’ve reactivated the Thai Girl of the week email which includes a section on the latest movie and links to download the Bittorrent these are therefore the instructions on how to download the movies to your computer. What you thought was difficult should now be made easy. […]

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5 Hybrid Notebook Tablet Laptops with Windows 8

Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook Laptop Tablet

A few months ago I bought the Samsung S4 and I must say the smartphone thing makes travelling easier. Directions and booking hotels checking email it’s fine. But sometimes on the road you want something a bit more than a phone. Watching a movie or banging out a long email the phone just doesn’t cut […]

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Flyboard in Thailand

Flyboard Thailand

The latest gimmick for Thailand’s tourism trade is the Flyboard;. If you have been down to Jomtien lately you might have seen what looks like something out of the movie Iron Man. But in fact it’s a new water craze called Flyboard. Not exactly sure what Flyboard is? No worries, check out these videos below […]

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Can you make money from Bitcoins?

Can you make money from bitcoins?

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about Bitcoins and like me some of you might not fully understand how it works in it’s entirety but then again how many people actually fully understand the US financial system either. Bitcoins recently got headlines around the world at going over $200 USD per coin and since there’s over […]

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How to access the Underground Internet

The Hidden Internet

Just because you don’t see it on google search results doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact just below the surface of the internet is an underground world full of all kinds of banned literature, videos, pictures from child porn, bomb making instructions, illegal sex videos, international drug networks hell you can even buy a […]

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How Lenovo 27inch Tablet Table will get you laid

How Lenovo 27inch Tablet Table will get you laid

Imagine sitting around the couch playing board games with your friends how about hanging up a huge tablet in the bathroom to replace the mirror, perhaps you have more sinister plans like setting up an illegal casino, or simply you just want a coffee table with a difference then the words biggest Tablet PC is […]

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What to Make of the Apple Ipad Mini

The tablet market is changing rapidly and Apple’s new Ipad Mini shows that the consumer is the big winner. We don’t win because the Mini is such a great product, we win because the tablet makers have no choice but to have low retail prices on amazing devices due to ferocious competition. The funny thing […]

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You can Make a gun with a 3d printer

gun from a 3d printer

A huge leap in technology is upon us and of course it’s the criminals who are always the first adopters. Think about it, your gun carrying drug dealer associate was the first person to have a pager, a cell phone, an iPhone and soon he’ll be the first person to own a 3D printer. This […]

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Free TV in Thailand

You can watch anything you could ever want on demand for free in perfect quality right on your TV. Many people know this is possible, but too few in Thailand are getting the most out of what’s out there. So once and for all, here is a step by step process to getting the most […]

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Kindle Fire HD review

Amazon continues to be a thorn in Apple’s side with their well made, and yet dirt cheap tablets. The original Kindle Fire was well received and had strong reviews internet-wide. The Kindle Fire HD has some significant upgrades but still has a retail price of about 6,000 Baht, which is the same price the original […]

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Cheap Android Tablets

I’ll save the Android versus Apple debate for another day. In the mean time, for those of you who are in the market for an android tablet, I thought I’d share my thoughts on your best bet if you’re in Thailand. Currently the options, availability, and pricing on brand name Android tablets aren’t great in […]

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