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Hotels In Thailand

Private pool hotel in bangkok

plunge pool in hotel bangkok

Space is a luxury in Bangkok and while you can get a large room at a 5 star hotel you’ll have some troubles finding a Hotel in Bangkok that also offers a private pool. My friend was coming to Thailand and asked me the other day where can he get a hotel with a private [...]

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Boutique Hotels In Chiang Mai

Sukantara Chiang Mai

If you’re bored of the normal hotel experience 3 stars boxed rooms with basic ammenities with a basic hotel feel like you’d be anywhere in the world then perhaps it’s time to try a boutique hotel. Chiang Mai has some great Boutique hotels many with a clean lifestyle living. Want to try Yoga or need [...]

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Best Places to enjoy Songkran Festival 2013

Best Places to enjoy Songkran Festival 2013

Still don’t know what to do for the Thailand Songkran Festival April 2013 it’s right around the corner now but if you still don’t know what your doing or want to know what’s on Songkran at different places around Thailand then check out this list of the best places to party Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival [...]

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The best hotel to stay at in Khon Kaen

The best hotel to stay at in Khon Kaen

I’ve been to Khon Kaen several times now, it’s a relaxed city and not exactly small around 500,000 people live in and around the city. It’s spread out and traffic can be slow at certain times of the day. The police are extremely vigilant about drink driving and not wearing a helmet so unless you [...]

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Top 10 Best Hotels In The World 2013

The other day I sat on a bus for 11 hours going from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have a real holiday somewhere I can just do nothing but be pampered and enjoy myself doing nothing. I’ve been traveling all over isaan and northern Thailand [...]

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Best short time love hotels in Chiang Mai

short time hotels chiang mai

Have you ever been to a short time hotel in Thailand? While Bangkok has the most love hotels available, Chiang Mai has the most easily accesible ones and you can simply drive up to them on a little scooter with a girl on the back. I’ve been to almost all of the them and while [...]

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Awesome 5 Star Hotels in Luang Prabang Laos

I’ve been doing some research lately on getting your visa done in different country and most people have said that they are heading to Loas. Now Loas is a pretty poor country and very old school and I’m sure when people think of Loas they think of backpackers and people passing out on too much [...]

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Hotels near Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

The Nomad Sucasa All Suites Hotel

We all have to do it sometime, leave the country to renew the visa. It’s an annoying process and can be expensive. Me I thought about going to Loas but I’ve seen pictures from Loas and it’s not a place I really wanna spend my downtime at same goes for Cambodia not that I can [...]

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4 Awesome hotels in Thailand Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Chiang Mai

In the past few months I have only stayed in hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. After staying in dozens of hotels I recently invested more time into looking at nearly every internet review I could find for any hotel in consideration. After putting the time in I really think I hit the [...]

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Cheap but good hotel in Nakhon Sawan Thailand

I’ve never been to Nakhon Sawan before in my life, not exactly the tourist destination here but it’s a cute little city very clean and green right by the mighty chao phraya river. I decided to take a little trip here see what it was like and stayed at the P.A. Place hotel right in the [...]

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7 Good Hotels in Ubon Ratchathani with free WiFi

I’m planning a trip to Ubon next month something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Ubon Ratchathani isn’t really a tourist destination and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty much just temples and dry farmland. Nonetheless I’m going into the heart of Isaan country and these are the hotels I’ve shortlisted based [...]

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10 Good Hotels Near Soi Cowboy Bangkok

grande centre point sukhumvit terminal 21

If you don’t know where or what Soi Cowboy in Bangkok Thailand is all about then I suggest you read my article about Soi Cowboy first before you decide to go there. I think if you havn’t been then you should probably go on your next trip. I prefer Soi Cowboy to Nana Plaza because [...]

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Hotels on Loi Kroh road Chiang Mai

Imperial Mae Ping Hotel Chiang Mai

If you are the beer bar kind of guy then you’ll want to stay as close to the action as possible and where better than to stay on the most infamous street in all of Chiang Mai Loi Kroh Road! The street is pretty quiet during the day not much happening but during the night [...]

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