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Bangkok Bachelor Party

I often get asked about what to do for a Bachelor party in Bangkok so I thought I’d tell you the easiest way. Don’t organize it yourself! This advice is definitely useful if you have a large group 8 or so, the logistics of transport, table service, girls etc is a lot to organize and […]

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Top 5 Places For Sex in Chiang Mai

A new brothel Location in Chiang Mai available inside! For people who don’t drink but want some action then the new brothel is worth it for 1600 and for those guys who like it cheap the Santitam brothels still offer the cheapest action in town for 700 and those who don’t want girls older than […]

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Who Pays For Sex With Thai Hookers

Paying for sex can be a lifestyle for many, a fad for others, some people get into in then get out quickly, while others are repulsed by the whole thing. In my mind you’re always paying for sex, whether you pay a bar fine or take a girl out for noodles you are going to […]

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Sex in Chiang Mai

Sex in ChiangMai

I can always tell the guys who are new to prostitution, when Mamasan lines up the girls in Karaoke or Soapy Massage Parlors and the guy asks to talk to them first. One of the best parts of being with a prostitute is you don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to. It’s […]

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Chiang Mai Meetup

It’s actually been two years since my last public meetup, I don’t normally do it but since I’m leaving Chiang Mai in a few months I think it’s a good time. It also happens to be my mates Birthday, he owns the Angel Bar in the Loi Kroh boxing ring. Lots of local expats and businessmen […]

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Where to Pick Up Russians in Pattaya

Russians girls in pattaya

This is a topic that never quite goes away, and it’s one that usually sparks a debate.  Single Western guys on the prowl in Thailand are generally looking for Thai women.  But there’s a growing population of Russians in tourist hot spots like Pattaya; which begs the question – where would a guy go to […]

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The Demonization of “Seeing Prostitutes”

The act of seeing a prostitute in Western countries has been demonized, sometimes even more so than the act of prostitution itself.  In many states in the U.S., if you’re caught soliciting a prostitute, you’ll be arrested and charged, and your name will appear in the Newspaper and on the Newspaper’s website.  Then when anyone […]

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Making It Rain in a Thailand GoGo

making it rain

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, “making it rain,” here is the definition as it’s listed in urbandictionary.com:   When you’re in da club with a stack, and you throw the money up in the air at the strippers. The effect is that it seems to be raining money.   There’s no way I could have ever […]

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More Soapy Massages than Temples

soapy massages bangkok

They call Bangkok the City of Angels and at least in Thai that’s what it means, but to the outside world they call it the city of sex and there’s no shortage of answers why. One of those reasons is the abundance of soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. The following infograph shows just how many […]

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Young Guys Bringing Thai Prostitutes Home

Thai Prostitutes

There’s a decent amount of bar girls in Pattaya who have spent a few months or even a couple of years with a foreign man in his home country, before coming right back to the bar shortly after.  The strange thing is that many of the guys who do this are young, as in under […]

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Maps of Pattaya’s Bars and Go Go’s

The latest Pattaya Nightlife/Go Go Guide/maps. If you haven’t heard of Mike Baird you might have seen his work floated around the internet. He’s that guy that creates all those funny English humor cartoons. His maps are accurate and he’s just provided the latest 2014 map of Pattaya as pictured below. Please don’t share this […]

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The real GoGo Guru’s of Bangkok

go go bars in Bangkok

Probably one of the most underrated websites in Bangkok is BangkokNightlife.com it isn’t getting near as enough attention as it deserves. There’s a hundred or so blogs talking about Bangkok some are boring some are old news and most really suck. Most of you guys know me as the guy from Chiang Mai but probably don’t know […]

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Nana Plaza Mai Peng Disco

Mai Peng Disco in Nana

Things are moving again behind Nana hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4 with once more the legendary spot right behind the hotel changing name. Adios Nana Angels/Liquid/Disco…say hi to “Mai Peng Disco”! The interior has been totally redesigned with more comfortable seating, and tables, brand new lightshow, similar to what you can find at Insanity club, […]

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