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Tips and tricks on living and traveling to thailand

Renting in Thailand

Renting a house in thailand

One of the big worries people have about renting in Thailand is losing their deposit because let’s face it there’s plenty of Thai’s here they only see dollar signs when they meet a westerner. So get ready for this, if the landlord decides that they don’t want to give you your deposit back there’s F*all [...]

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Complete List of Bank Swift Codes for Thailand Banks

swift codes thailand

If you have a large amount of money from overseas to Thailand the easiest way to do it would be to write yourself a check and walk into any Thailand bank in which you have an account and hand it in. You’ll get the money but it’ll take 45-60 days depending on your bank. The [...]

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Eating off the side of the road in Thailand

Eating On the Side of the road in Thailand

I’ve seen some very sketchy places on the side of the road in Thailand, you see Thai people hate to throw anything away, so if their selling food today and it didn’t sell, your likely to see that same food being sold the next day. Now under controlled circumstances that would be fine but how [...]

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How to lose weight in Thailand

There is so much crap out there regarding health and wellness, and half of it is contradicting towards the other half, and most of it is obvious. The “lose weight quick” pitches trying to get you buy videos and e-books are getting old. There are no more ridiculous ads on the web than the photo-shopped [...]

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Free TV in Thailand

You can watch anything you could ever want on demand for free in perfect quality right on your TV. Many people know this is possible, but too few in Thailand are getting the most out of what’s out there. So once and for all, here is a step by step process to getting the most [...]

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How to get WiFi Internet in Thailand for 99 baht a month

No surprises that Thailand has a half decent Internet infrastructure especially since Bangkok is known as the most Facebook connected city in the world with more people logging onto Facebook than any other city. But how do you think all those people are getting online if the average person makes less than $500 a month. [...]

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Finding and Negotiating on a Rental in Thailand

At some point in the near future I will post an article about the current status of the “buy vs rent” decision for foreigners in Thailand. It’s an important topic for discussion and it can be confusing at times, so check in next week to get the latest scoop. This article will focus on some [...]

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10 Money Wasters in Thailand

It’s likely that the biggest and most common money waster in your home country is going out to eat at restaurants. Of course that is just not the case in Thailand and its common knowledge that you can eat well for a just a few bucks, sometimes less. There are also so many great deals [...]

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What Days Bars Will be closed in Thailand 2011

Days Bars Will be closed in Thailand 2011

If your planning your trip to Thailand then you want to make sure you have your rest days on the following days or try to avoid them altogether, yeah they can be fun but for the most part they are a pain in the Butt because they don’t sell alcohol and all the bars, pubs, [...]

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How to avoid getting bitten by the Jet Ski Scam

online dating Scams In Thailand

[ad#Google Horizontal] The Jet Ski Scam in Thailand is an oldie to Thailand, most people have heard about it, a lot of people have been stung by the scam as well.The scam is most often played in resort cities of Phuket, Pattaya Beach, and Jomtien, though there is evidence by local expats that the scam [...]

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Check movie times central airport plaza chiang mai

Check movie times central airport plaza chiang mai

It’s easy to check the movie times to the Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai, it’s at the Major Cineplex. [ad#Google Horizontal] Major Cineplex Central Airport Chiang Mai [ad#Asia Crowd]

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Best Traditional Thai Massage In Chiang Mai

Massage parlours can be found on nearly every street corner of Chiang Mai, litterally there are too many to count. A Thai massage practisionor needs not go into more than 6 weeks training before being certified to massage, even though it takes many years to master. Therefore the number of really bad massages are infinate, [...]

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How to know if a Thai girl is into you

How to know if a thai girl is into you

I guess you could say that this article relates to not just Thai girls but most girls in general however Thai girls have a unique way of knowing that they are into you. Almost always it’s never spoken either, Thai people have a hard time being up front about anything and less you ask directly [...]

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