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How to get a Thai girl back to your place

For those guys looking for an easy lay getting her back your place is you’re ultimate goal and up until now it’s been about getting to meet her now you actually have to pull it off and get her back to your place or a hotel somewhere.

If the date has gone well and it looks like you have some chemistry you’ll need a plan of action in order to get her into your room. To do this you’ll need to do it tactfully. If you say straight up to her that you want to have sex come with me, this is not going to work. You have to do it subtly and invite her back to your place not for sex but for something else. Most girls know what is going to go on if she goes back to your place and unless you've read the signs wrong she’ll be agreeing to more than what you've told her.

How to get a Thai girl back to your place

At the end of the date which should be at the coffee shop park temple or even better at the noodle shop just ask her if she wants to go watch a movie at your place. Again this is why I recommend not going to the movies because after the movies you have no play really, you could say come back to your place to listen to music cook her some food or whatever but the movie at home sounds good to almost all Thai girls, just make sure you do have a movie at home. The movie you watch at home should have no Thai subtitles! Reason for this is if it’s all in English she’ll get bored and when there is nothing else to do at your place she’ll start thinking more about taking it to the bedroom!

There is different game needed if you’re going to try and take her to a hotel. Only two types of girls can you take straight to the hotel, those that are exhibiting extreme likeness towards you and those country girls that don’t know any better. For the country girl you’ll want to take her to a short time hotel it’s unlikely she’ll understand where you are taking her until she is in the room at which point she’s already there and will go along with it. If however she’s the other kind of girl, the girl that is super into you and is showing signs that she’d like to get with you then sure take her to any short time hotel but you don’t even need to tell her. It takes a lot more balls to pull this off, with either girl just ask them “What do you want to do next” if there answer is and usually always is “Up to you” then get her on your bike in a taxi on the train and take her to a hotel. It’s easier to get straight down to it if you take them to a short time hotel than it is to your home so if you’re looking for sex, make the short time hotel your goal.

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