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Nana Plaza Mai Peng Disco

Things are moving again behind Nana hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4 with once more the legendary spot right behind the hotel changing name.

Adios Nana Angels/Liquid/Disco…say hi to “Mai Peng Disco”!

The interior has been totally redesigned with more comfortable seating, and tables, brand new lightshow, similar to what you can find at Insanity club, and red curtains…

A totally new atmosphere, looking clearly nicer than before.

Nicer but don’t worry, we’re in Nana guys, not Versailles, no Louis XVI style furniture around. We don’t go there for the décor anyway, do we?

Most of us already know that “Mai Peng” in Thai can be translated as “Not expensive”.

After “Liao Sai, Liao Kwa” that’s another ABC-need-to-know-stuff to survive in Bangkok:”Peng, you don’t go. Mai peng, you give it a try”.

Seems it is exactly what you will get there since there are no more cover charges: free entrance for all, every day, any time of the night. That’s a first change.

Mai Peng Disco 8

Pricing sounds pretty affordable too, with Beers and selected drinks starting at 99 Baht.

A club in Nana without girls would close in days. If you agree to this statement, seems like the place is promised a bright future! They really have a nice mix of girls including more-than-average sexy Coyotes, bargirls doing extra hours and freelancers.

Coyotes are really stunning; I have found them quite friendly, not too pushy. Can’t stand the “Helo-wat-yoo-name-you-come-fom-buy-me-drink-mai?” line coming in the first 30 seconds.  They just proposed me once, and after a fair while of chit-chat / touchy-touchy session. By the way, lady drink is 150 THB, cheaper than most of the places around, so I didn’t hesitate to get her one, hence earning my right to the “same-player-plays-again” thing.  They come in different styles, from the Kawaii girl to the Leathered-Domina kitty one.

Freelancers and other girls are okay, a bit the same everywhere anyways. But what’s cool is that there are plenty of them!

Seems they kept the habit to hire Female Dj’s which, if she is hot and actually do know how to spin a record, can be a great thing!  “Make eyes busy while ears listens”, almost sounds like an old Chinese proverb.

No cover charge , cheap drinks, brand new décor and atmosphere, audible Dj’s and live bands, and probably the hottest girls in the Soi ( haven’t check all of them personally though, I lacked time and hands)sounds like this new version of Nana hotel’s club worth a try!

Signed: Adamska

Mai Paeng Disco

Telephone: 082 308 3246

Website: http://www.maipengdisco.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaiPengBangkok

Mai Peng Disco 7 Mai Peng Disco 1 Mai Peng Disco 2 Mai Peng Disco 3 Mai Peng Disco 4 Mai Peng Disco 5 Mai Peng Disco 6

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2 Responses to Nana Plaza Mai Peng Disco

  1. Jason February 6, 2014 at 10:12 pm #

    These are some seriously ugly girls in the pics. Good for a drunken shag though. Probably just give them 1,000 baht and mouthful of cum and they are sabai dee.

  2. Dave September 6, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

    Its closed again…………..

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