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Rainy Season In Thailand

Thailand weather can be more predicatable than in most countries, though flash flooding is something you just can't get used it. Spoils the whole day, you can't go anywhere and finding something to eat becomes a real pain.

Rainy Season In Thailand

Rainy Season In Thailand

The rainy season in Thailand is from June to October, however it seems to be coming earlier and earlier every year and finishing up to a month earlier, so normally it's June to October but it seems now it starts raining in May and finishes in July. This must be having some sort of effect on Thai agriculture but i'm sure no one is even noticing, the rain can be a welcome relief.

Some people like to call this season the Hot and wet season because almost always before a storm it's super hot, and almost always rains in the afternoon, although up north it can rain all day and all night long.

The following movie will show you how heavy the rain is in thailand and how quickly roads can turn into rivers.

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