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Thai Girl Of The Month Nook

Some real interesting stuff for you this month, first there is Nook 23y/o hotty who loves guns any guys out there wanna show her your gun? Then there is my Trip to Khon Kaen recently and my recommendation for accommodations. I also found the coolest gadget you have to check out and of course the new Arnie movie.

Thai Girl Of The Month

Thai Girl of the month 2013

This months Thai girl is called Nook, she loves guns and bad boys. I like a chick like this, they get a little wild and don't mind it a bit rough.

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Destination of the month Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen Orchid Hotel

Don't be fooled by the crappy agoda photos they have for this awesome hotel in Khon Kaen. The Orchid is just like a guest house, foreign owner it's 5 years old but looks brand new. Even better digs than Mini Cost good and quiet location, large balcony. Coming into town I recommend this place.

For more information or to book a room click here.

Movie Of The Month The Last Stand

This movie won't be for everyone. I really like Arnie his movies are always enough action in them and The Last Stand while not a blockbuster was definitely worth the download complete with fast cars and jail breaks and gun fights.

Gadget Of The Month MeCam

This is the coolest gadget I've ever seen in my life. The MeCam is a self video mini copter, it hovers around you or follows you streaming video to your phone and live on the net. The crazy thing they are going to sell it for only $49! Check out there website here.

MeCam Minicopter

Email Of The Month

From Anonymous

Chris, Really love the blog lots of really good information. I met this girl in Pattaya, we fell in love and I have plans to bring her here. My question is do you know how difficult this can be, do you have any tips?

My reply

You ever heard of the term "train wreck". Dude sounds like you came here on a holiday and getting swept up in Thai Fever. I don't care how you two met or what she does, if you come here on a holiday and met a girl in Pattaya then just as Vegas, what happens in Pattaya should just stay in Pattaya.

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  1. 1johnthai March 22, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    Love the pic’s mate!

  2. John March 23, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

    Nice reply!

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