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Thai Girl Of The Month Thai School Girl

Not long to go until Songkran hope you've figured out what you are going to do for the holiday or for some of you and likely me curl up at home and escape the madness actually I'm still undecided. This week I have a shoot with a gorgeous young Thai girl goes by the name of Ollie. The new Samsung 4 will be retail worldwide soon and I am excited about that, since I'm in Pattaya I thought I'd go check out the Horizon bar at the Hilton, awesome view!

Thai girl of the month Ollie











Gadget of the month Samsung S4

So I said that I was going to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and since it's been released I'm planning on purchasing in the next few months. The whole reason why I've been behind the smart phone revolution is because it's all moving too fast but the phones are slow. Multi Tasking with multiple screens, remote charging and a real HD screen are just some of the factors for my unwillingness to fork out for upgrades each year But 2013 is the year here's a preview.
The Samsung S4 is the beginning of the real smartphone revolution.

Destination of the month Horizon Bar Pattaya

The hilton Hotel in Pattaya has to be the best 5 star hotels on the beach in Pattaya. It's definitely not cheap and past my budget for a stay here at least long term but still it's good to dream. The rooftop bar Horizon is accessible though and has one of the best views in Pattaya.
hilton hotel Pattaya 1

Movie of the month - Spring Breakers

Chicks, money, guns, set on Spring Break, great movie to past the time during sessions.

Thai song of the month นาฬิกาของคนรักกัน by Kala

Thailand Book of the Month - A Year in Chiang Mai

A Year In Chiang Mai

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on holiday and never go back? Alex and his wife Chrissy decided that if they were going to change their lives they had better do it before their 2 small children got too old and too settled. They gave up good jobs, put their house on the market, said goodbye to bemused friends and relatives, found new homes for their geese and goats and moved from rural England to the other side of the world. They chose the jungle city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where they had no friends, no contacts and no income (and no geese or goats).A year later having survived near bankruptcy, rabies, cock fights, police road blocks, the mysterious elephant cowboys and a Yoda like monk who sold them a lucky charm wooden penis, they managed to set up what has become an award winning travel company, “The Life Change People”. This unusual business aims to change people’s lives in just 7 days. Reading this book might just change yours!

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4 Responses to Thai Girl Of The Month Thai School Girl

  1. Ty March 25, 2013 at 6:44 pm #

    I just ordered this book; it looks like a great read. Although, leaving England is not much of a choice, it is dreadful there in many ways.

  2. Santa April 17, 2013 at 5:00 am #

    Have sorted out songkran by going to back to Australia for a couple of weeks to catch up with few mates and watch as many AFL games as I can.

    Your right Chris songkran has gone off the rails and needs to be avoided.

  3. smokinfun August 20, 2013 at 4:51 am #

    Are you the photographer in the Thai Girl of the Month??

    • Chris August 20, 2013 at 9:49 am #

      No i get different people to do the photos, you like?

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