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The Best Private Investigator in Chiang Mai

Looking to do a bit of business espionage or perhaps you just want to know who your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you with so you can serve justice then you might be in need of a private investigator. Unlike the western run Private investigators in Chiang Mai and around the country this been around for 10 years and do an exceptional job. If you can read Thai and live in Chiang Mai then I’m sure you’ve seen their signs posted all over the city. What separates this company however from all the other wannabee PI firms in Chiang Mai is that they not all provide PI services but also have Bodyguard services and i’m not talking about the security guards in front of apartment buildings that sleep the whole way through the shift i’m talking about real bounces the kind that will rip someones head off if the wrong person got too close. And hey you might need it if you start poking around the wrong places.

Check out their website for more details here www.seek999.com

Private Investigator in Chiang Mai

Hiring a private eye isn’t just about finding out if your girlfriend is cheeting on you, which by the way could cost 20,000 baht to get pictures and vehicle registration numbers of the person they are cheating with. In Thailand when you do business with someone you should be hiring a private investigator to find out more about them. What’s 30,000 baht if you are going to enter a 3 million baht deal with someone you may not know so well.

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