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VIP Party of the Year 2013

My last party was in Pattaya and it was one of the best nights out I've had in Sin City. This time round I'm in Chiang Mai and if you've been wondering why I haven't had  a party in a while it's because I've been busy checking out the nights hotspots making relationships with some of the wildest party girls in the city. This is very strenuous work and involves drinking Dozens of bottles of Red Label, having to sit night after night with sexy randy hot young Thai girls it's really something I don't wish on anyone :) The last month of preparations has been tiring but some of the craziest times I've ever had and now it's going to get a whole lot crazier with the VIP party of the Year.

What's really awesome about these parties is not just the hot girls, the party atmosphere, the crazy times it's also the relationships formed with the other VIP members so the plan this time is to have dinner first before heading to the real party. Do you want in? The reason this is the party of the year is because it corresponds with my birthday so effectively it's my birthday party which I intend to make it extra memorable.

Party Night Monday 9th September 2013

I've also created a competition with 2 fantastic prizes.

Prize Number 1: If you're already a VIP member you can win a ticket to the party of the year!

Prize Number 2: If you're not a VIP member you can win free VIP membership!

How do i win?

All you have to do to win is write about your funniest Thailand story you have must be at least 500 words. Post the story in the comments area below and on the 31st of August I will announce the winners.

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The only way to come to the party or even to see what the program is you must be a VIP member, click here to get access now!


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7 Responses to VIP Party of the Year 2013

  1. lexluthor August 23, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    Have fun Chris, wish I could be there, Happy Birthday!

  2. Paul Sullivan August 24, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Thailand story 555 for party nite

    The international rugby sevens tournament visited Bangkok a few years ago to promote the game in Thailand. It was a big event with teams from all over the rugby playing world taking part. At the time I worked as a copywriter for a multinational advertising agency and one of our largest clients was Singha beer who were major sponsors of the tournament. The affinity of beer with the rugby fraternity is well known and the stadium was ringed with hospitality tents to provide lunch and refreshments to all and sundry. I arrived early and strolled around the tented village where sponsors were setting up bars, laying tables and getting ready for the invasion. One harassed looking farang was wrestling with a keg of beer. It was leaking from the tap. Not a bad leak, just a steady drip drip, but I could see he was worried. I approached him and offered help. We carefully turned the keg on its side so that the tap pointed straight up and of course it stopped dripping. Looking like I knew what I was doing I unscrewed the threaded tap and tore a thin strip of material from a cloth used to dry glasses. I wrapped this around the threads, screwed the tap back in place and turned the keg back to its proper position. No leak. He looked at me as if I were a miracle worker and thanked me profusely. I suggested we draw a couple of pints to make sure everything was in working order and he immediately agreed. He asked me if I was from the brewery and I said no but told him of my relationship with Singha. He gave me a voucher for lunch at his tent and we parted bosom buddies. It set me thinking. At the next tent I wandered up to the bar and announced that I was from the brewery and come to check their draught beer. The sponsor said he was impressed with my devotion to duty and I explained that another keg had been found leaking. He became serious at once and we duly checked his keg. It was not leaking and seemed perfectly OK. I suggested we should pour a couple of pints to check the quality of the beer and to make sure all was well. This we did and soon I had made another friend. He gave me a VIP ticket to the stadium Press box and I moved on.
    To cut a long story short I visited another eight tents and ended up with four more pints of beer, two more lunch tickets, three more stadium tickets, a key ring, a ballpoint pen in a box and a free raffle ticket for a car draw. My story worked like a charm and I was welcomed wherever I went. I was often complimented on my diligence and I felt that I was providing a valuable service to the rugby community. By lunchtime I was feeling no pain and wore a large grin. I had lunch. And then another. Shame to waste those vouchers.
    I lurched to the Press box in the main stand. I told security I was the rugby correspondent for the Hua Hin Herald. I saw the boss of Singha beer standing there, smiling, being photographed holding a rugby ball. He saw me and threw me the ball. I never saw it coming and it hit me in the bread basket. I threw up on his shoes. He stopped smiling.

    520 words
    Happy Birthday Chris

    • jam August 28, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

      awesome something kind of similar happened to me in high school

  3. John Trick August 26, 2013 at 5:35 pm #

    My First Threesome in Thailand

    So, no shit and no lie…there I was, walking that fabled street of Sukhumvit heading to Darlings (a.k.a. the giant fishbowl of “soapy-massage” pleasure). I had never been to Darlings yet. I was on my first fledgling trip to Thailand and I was in Thailand strictly for pounding the poon-poon. I had read about Darlings on the internet; about its erotic massage and encouragement of getting two girls instead of one for a threesome. But a threesome I had never had. So, it was time for my manly rites of passage.

    Darlings location was surprisingly close to where I was staying at which was the Sheraton Sukhumvit. Just a walk down the street and heading left on Soi 12. I tried getting there at 11:00 AM when they opened to get something fresh. The last thing I want is some guy’s “sloppy seconds.” Yeah, I know the girls there have been drilled plenty of times the night before. But I try to wait at least 12 hours to let the girls’ immune system kick out any foreign bacteria before my schlong does his intended job function. Yep, I wear the condom and believe in the philosophy of “putting on a helmet and going to war.” Every man coming to Thailand should keep his “purple-headed yogurt slinger” under wrap. But, condom or no condom, sticking my Petey-Pablo into something that’s not somewhat sanitized doesn’t give me peace of mind…if you know what I mean.

    By the time I get to Darlings, I’m pumped up on Apcalis (generic Cialis) and gel-form Kamagra (generic Viagra). My secret “get-ready” formula is this: 1 pill of Apcalis (the morning before), 1 packet of Kamagra gel, 1 multivitamin, 1 Tribulus pill, 2 pills of DHEA, 4 shots of Tequila and the dire wish to plow some poonani. This is just a little wisdom for the “dirty wise man.”

    Walking into the establishment, it’s dark. Around the corner, I come to the fishbowl. There were about 30 girls at the time (which I’ve never seen that many girls there since). Sitting off to one side across from the fishbowl was an older white man just staring at the girls. I know it’s sometimes a hard decision to pick one of the girls and some guys are afraid of rejection…but even inside a brothel?! WTF?! Seeing this, I’m thinking, “Dude! Just pick, fuck, wash and repeat! It’s not fucking rocket science!” For me, I’m just there to get in and out. And, at that time, I had to pick quick. I didn’t want that guy stealing the two girls with the biggest titties. So, I picked…lucky #69 and asked the door guy for a recommendation. He recommended #45 and I went with it. He called them out on the loud speaker and off we went to the room.

    We get up to the room which has bed, a large bath tub and mirrors on the wall and ceiling…which was nice touch I might add. The girls start setting up (i.e. turning on the bath water, placing towels, inflating the mattress, ect). I immediately strip naked and sit on the couch. The girls turn around, gasp and one says, “Mista, please wait!” And my response, “Sorry…but I’m ready to get this party started now.”…but maybe I should have waited as setting up took longer than I had expected and I was left sitting there with my meat-whistle in my hand while I watched some bizarre Thai comedy show on the room television.

    The time had arrived…for the bath. They bathe me, they lay me down on an inflatable mattress, one girl rubs her soapy body over mine, they rinse me, we go to the bed for the final act of hedonistic consummation. Right now, my shaft is a rock hard storm trooper with a purple helmet. I bend Girl #1 over on the bed and go to town riding that Asian ass. I have to say, riding her like a nasty beast of burden was the best moment of life. Just about the time I’m giving God “high-fives” in my head, Girl #2 reaches back behind me and starts rubbing my balls hard (and violently) like she’s sanding someone’s wooden deck with 40 grit sandpaper. I stop her, tell her to wait and warn her by saying, “Your moment will come soon.”

    Now, I’m getting back into the motion of taking Girl #1 from behind. My pumping action is going steady. Things are great. It’s a happy time for me. I’m celebrating manhood. My balls are swinging like two Siamese midget twins on a perpetual swing. Then…PAIN! I freeze and my eyes bulge out of my head. Girl #2 decides my scrotum is not housing for two reproductive pleasure gems but is instead a Slinky or a boxer’s speed bag. While I’m in mid-stroke, Girl #2 starts slapping my balls from behind. Ironically ,with each slap, I’m thrusting my hips forward and Girl #1 starts making this barking noise (like a small dog) with each thrust; I’m thinking she was maybe a Pomeranian in a past life. Again, I stop Girl #2 and tell her to relax while I finish with Girl #1.

    So, I start over again playing “hide the salami” with Girl #1 in the rear-tap position. I’m back into the swing of things. I’m feeling it, if you know what I mean. I’m almost there. Ecstasy is within reach. My dead babies are about to be expelled in one giant load. It’s cumming…It’s cumming…No, it’s not coming! Just when I’m about to nut, Girl #2 reaches back behind me again and sticks her finger up my ass. Now, I’m pissed. I grab the TV remote control, turn the TV back on and tell her, “Watch!!!” Strangely, I remember the show on the TV at that time was a game show like Thailand’s version of “Are You Smarter than a Fifth-Grader?” And, I know what you’re thinking; having that show on at the same time I’m in the middle of a threesome is about as wrong as 2 ladyboys fucking in Buddhist temple. But I had to keep Girl #2 distracted.

    [And, by the way, I now know what the mirrors are for. If the second chick is planning a sneak-attack molestation on the unsuspecting sexpat as he is in mid-shag, the man can thwart the ambush before it happens.]

    After finishing up on Girl #1, I bent Girl #2 over and grudge-fucked the shit out of that rice-farming Isaan ass until she later walked funny. During the event, I guess it was a little unpleasant as she was yelling pissed off things in the Thai language I couldn’t comprehend. But I did understand “farang kee nok” and “kwai.” I’m not a sadist but I had to do this for two reasons: 1) that’s what she gets when she interrupted my pinnacle of poontang domination and 2) nobody, and I mean nobody, prevents me from releasing my baby-batter onto the world.

    In the end, one girl walked away with a 500 baht tip. One girl walked away with a stinky finger. I walked away with a smile on my face plotting the next soapy massage joint.

    Happy B-Day, Bro!!!

  4. sam August 27, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

    Back in March this year the following happened on a night out…

    I’d been to Monkey Club in Chiang Mai with a friend. We’d had a good night and I was especially pleased because I’d used my improving Thai language skills to get a number from a half Thai half Japanese chick. Other than that the night had been fairly uneventful up to that point, until I was driving home.

    I had decided to go to Spicy night club and was driving towards that location at around 2am. I was feeling pretty maow but I was capable of riding my scoopy no probs. So I’m driving alongside the moat, when suddenly a cop on a motorbike comes from outa nowhere and pulls me over. I’m like, “Fuck, I’m wasted, he’s gonna breathalise me and the bribe is gonna cost me thousands! I don’t have thousands. I’ll have to go back to the UK in a few days after I’ve told my dad it’s an emergency and got him to forward the cash to me. Adventure over.”

    My ‘mate’ had seen the whole thing and had sped off on his bike. The cunt! To be fair to him, I don’t blame him, cos how can he help…he’s drunk too so the cops would just screw him over as well!

    Although my thoughts at the time were ones of panic, I didn’t feel panicked because the alcohol was doing it’s job. 😉 So I stop my bike on a u-bend of the road, the place where you make u-turns around the moat, and the cop stops too and walks up to me. He’s in full uniform, so no doubt I’m right in the shit.

    “You want ladyboy?” …

    “I have ladyboy for you”.

    He pulled out a large piece of card from his jacket with a bunch of brutal looking beasts on it. I felt sick.

    “Come with me”, he said, “I have sexy ladyboy for you”

    Unbelievable. In a way I was relieved because this guy was evidently only dressed as a cop to get people to pull over and hear him out. I declined his offer and started up my bike, but at this point I still felt that there was a chance that perhaps he really was a cop, just a nutter also. I thought he might threaten me with arrest or something if I didn’t follow him.

    I drove off regardless, as fast as I possibly could, to Spicy, releaved that the whole ordeal was over. To make matters worse, in Spicy I found the girl I’d taken home and fucked the previous week, and I was seen with her by a chick I’d nailed before that. This chick’s friend came over to me, booted me in the shin and threw her drink over me.

    Chiang Mai is sooo small, can’t get away with jack shit here. Bkk all the way!

    So that’s my craziest story from a year of being here (almost to the day) in Chiang Mai.

  5. Chris September 1, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    Congradulations to Sam VIP member to win a spot at the party and to John who won a free membership upgrade. Thanks for your entries.

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