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What’s more popular Thai girls or Ladyboys?

For many western men coming to Thailand is all about the Thai Girls, wanting to meet them, marry them, and hang out with them short time. Also when people think of Thailand they think first of the rows and rows of Thai girls waiting around for western men. However as a curiosity and interest Thai girls don't rank at all, in fact Thai girls rank well below Ladyboys.

Google has this tool called Keyword search tool which allows you to see how many people search on a particular word every month. Finding out how many times people type in a particular word can say a lot about an interest in a particular subject, so does the number of pages on the Internet a particular word is written. After doing a search for the words Thai girls you'd be right in saying Wow to over 450,000 thousand searches in a month. That's how many times people went to google and typed in the word Thai girls. Now what's almost shocking is people go to Google and type the word Ladyboy over 1.5 million times a month!

thai girls


Now if you go to google and type in Ladyboy you get 36million results but you only get 19 million results for Thai girl.

Thai girl search

ladyboy search

The most popular search however goes to the Japanese girls who have over 63 million pages with the word japanese girls.

Japanese girls

Granted there are Ladyboys all over the world not just Thailand though typically in a western country your more likely to say transgender or transsexual than you are to say Ladyboy.

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2 Responses to What’s more popular Thai girls or Ladyboys?

  1. ant45 November 5, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    ladyboys, heterosexual, mia noi, jalousy, many story about sex and crazy happenings…..so at the end is seems that in thailand they are so busy in these nonsenses, which should be normal everywhere, but in thailand they seems to have more time for nonsenses and less time for work and this is why when speak about thai people, they speak in slow motion, because dont really know what to say and same time are too lazy to think….
    no wander the economy in thailand is so bad, but prostitution is so rich

  2. Felix August 27, 2014 at 3:54 am #

    I went to Thailand for the first time and brought home a prostitute. I had noooooo idea it was a ladyboy. I pulled down the pants and saw that dick. Omfg. She sucked my dick because I just couldnt believe it, so beautiful, so perfect. I never had sex with a man, only ladyboys. Since then, i’ve been fucking a ladyboy every once in a while because the sex is so good and they’re usually super cool. Once you bitten by the ladyboy bug you will never stop. Just to have a family a girl is better, thats the only thing.

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