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Google Street View in Chiang Mai

I was coming back from the shops this morning when I saw some cars with the google logo on them. Turns out they were the google street view cars with mounted camera's on top of the cars. Awesome. Now i kept following them around for a bit driving beside them and waiting on the side of the road to hopefully get in the photo, why? Well thought it would be cool to get my mug on the google map street view so if you looked up the map boom i'd be there. I'm pretty sure they don't update it for many many years either well so far i've seen anyway.

I thought it was interesting those chose the Subaru for the cars, i saw them using a Honda in San Francisco. Maybe they drive better here but they are a pretty small car not like the impresa. I took the phot's behind Chiang Mai university where i'm living right now and they were going up all the little side streets as well so it's going to be a pretty comprehensive map unlike any other site out there.

I don't see how Google are going to make any money out of this they probably don't have any agenda except for world wide domination of the Internet and mapping. I used to write software against google maps back in California and the google map team actually came down and had a meeting with me to see what I was developing. They told me that they don't do all the data collection themselves a lot of data is actually purchased from ESRI and other sources. As a serious mapping tool google is years away of creating anything like ESRI has but as a simple tool for the masses it's great, time will tell to see how they can make money out of it.

Anyway now you know what the cars look like, they're in Chiang Mai right now and i'm sure there are others rolling around the country, keep a look out and let me know if you spot them too.

Google Map Street View Car Thailand

Google Map Street View Car Thailand

Google Map Street View Car Thailand

Google Map Street View Car Thailand

Google Map Street View Car ThailandGoogle Map Street View Car ThailandGoogle Map Street View Car Thailand

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