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Secrets to Online Dating in Thailand

Secrets to online dating in Thailand

Have you tried the dating sites in Thailand and feel a little frustrated because you can't seem to land that fantastic Thai girl or whatever type you are looking for you can find it Online but you have to know how to go about the online dating business and in this series of posts I'm going to explain to you all my best kept secrets on how to date Thai girls online,  I am going to explain to you every single little trick I've ever used to meet a tonne of hot Thai girls most of whom you've seen on this blog in the Thai girl photos series.

Best dating sites in Thailand

Top 5 best dating sites in Thailand

Another tip I’ve got for the following dating sites and to improve your views is to change the search listing image. You have an option to select an image to be shown in the search results, you should be changing that picture around every week. Sometimes your profile might not even be viewed because of the search result image. If you change it around people who might not have clicked on your profile before might see a different image of you and decide to check it out. More->>>
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Online Dating in Thailand

An Introduction To Online Dating in Thailand
In this guide I’m going to teach you the secrets of online dating in Thailand a guide no one else has written because likely no one else has spent as much time analyzing and understanding how Thai girls think when it comes to Dating. I’m going to teach you my secret methods for getting Thai girls to meet you how to control the date to your advantage and either have her fall in love with you or take you back to her room. These secrets I’ve never shared either through my blog or to my friends. More ->>>

Thai online dating sites the guide

Thai Dating Sites Explained

It’s likely if you’re reading this guide to online dating in Thailand then you’ve already tried the online dating sites in Thailand but if you haven’t don’t worry because shortly you’ll be a pro online dating warrior. Thai Dating sites are not different by technology but more by culture and you need to understand how Thai girls date so you can get the most out of the technology available. More->>>

Define Your Perfect Thai Girl

Describe your perfect Thai Girl

A lot of people come to Thailand to find themselves, to find out who they are and what they want in their life. Then there are others who already know what they want and they come to Thailand to get it. Before you begin online dating and even before you can think of signing up More->>

The peferct online dating profile

The perfect online dating profile

The girls on the online dating sites rarely read your profile in fact they typically only read your profile once they’ve already communicated with you so you might not think it’s important to create a good profile then since they aren’t even reading it but it’s the most important part of your sales pitch. Once you’ve been communicating with her you bet she’s going to read your profile after you’ve chatted or even while you’re talking to her. More->>

How to speed up the online dating process

How to speed up the online dating process

You've probably heard the old saying you know dating is a numbers game the more you swing the bat more chances you have of hitting the ball and in our case finding the right girl for us. Online dating is just like that and the more your profile gets seen the more chances you have of finding a girl that is genuinely interested in you. But how do you get your profile seen more times and how do you do it so that you’re not wasting hours in front of the computer? More-->>

best messages to send on internet dating sites

Best First messages to send to Thai girls online

Your first message on the dating site is the most important message of them all, so don’t screw it up! Yes it is a numbers game but if you send out a 1000 emails with the message “I like you give me your phone number” it isn’t going to work. That’s because girls are getting more emails than they know how to sift through, so your message needs to stand out. Inside you'll find out the best first messages to send. More-->>

Time wasters in Thailand

Spotting Time wasters

There are a lot of time wasters in the Thailand online dating scene much more so than in western countries where online dating has matured. As a part of speeding up the dating process you need to learn to spot the time wasters quickly and move them to the trash pile. Here are some explanations of what time wasters are like in Thailand. More-->>

Dek Thai Sideline girl in Bangkok

How to spot sideline girls online

Sideline girls are in more numbers on the Thai language only dating sites than they are on the dual language dating sites. A typical sideline girl is someone who is prostituting themselves out over the Internet for a set fee which is typically for an hour or two and they typically ask for extra for second shots.
More -->>

online dating scams

Online Dating Scams in Thailand

First thing that comes to people’s minds when you mention Thailand is the sex workers then it’s the scams. And scams in Thailand aren’t just offline either they are online as well. In the Online Dating world in Thailand there are a lot of scams in fact you’ve probably fallen for one or two and you don’t even know it!  More -->>

How to get her to meet you every time

How to get her to meet you every time

Not every Thai girl is super easy to meet with even though many are there are some girls out there who are simply too scared to meet anyone. They've either had a bad experience before or simply just had a long string of guys come and go and none of them were actually genuine or their type so they get a little jaded.

More -->>

The best places to meet for a first date

The best places to meet for a first date

The first meeting is the most important time and you shouldn’t consider it lightly, in fact if you mess up you’ll mess any chances of ever meeting her again. Even though you’ve liked each other on the Internet doesn’t mean that you’ll like each other in person either. You will meet a wide variety of Thai girls and if you’ve passed all the landmines More-->>

When the date is going wrong

What to do when the date is going wrong

Let’s face it some profiles are going to let you down and if you speak little Thai and she speaks little English there is only so much you can know about your date before you meet her. In fact if she speaks no English at all and you speak no Thai how would you know

More -->>>

How to know if a Thai girl is into you

How to know if a Thai girl is into you

I guess you could say that this article relates to not just Thai girls but most girls in general however Thai girls have a unique way of knowing that they are into you. Almost always it’s never spoken either, Thai people have a hard time being up front about anything and less you ask directly and even then you might not get the right answer, either way you’ll never hear .... More -->>>

How to get a Thai girl back to your place

How to get a Thai girl back to your place

For those guys looking for an easy lay getting her back your place is you’re ultimate goal and up until now it’s been about getting to meet her now you actually have to pull it off and get her back to your place or a hotel somewhere. If the date has gone well and it looks like you have some chemistry you’ll need a plan of action in order to get her into your room. More -->>>

Man and Two Women in Bed Together

How to arrange a threesome online in Thailand

Having a Threesome is every mans dream whether they admit it or not. And Thailand offers guys a bigger chance than anywhere to experience that dream. 100 years ago having multiple wives was considered normal and I’m sure more than a few guys and multiple Thai girls in their bedrooms. While it’s not back then times have changed and you can orange a threesome of your own in Thailand on the Internet. More -->>>

How to Date Multiple Thai Girls at Once - 10 Step Guide

How to Date Multiple Thai Girls at Once – 10 Step Guide

You can sneak around Thai girls or you can be straight up with them, many people employ different strategies while two timing their Thai girls. Here are 10 different steps that you can employ that will allow you to safely date more than one Thai girl at once. Please be aware that if a Thai girl is opposed to you dating other people and she finds out it you could be the next thread on Thai Visa. More -->>>

Getting a second date with a Thai Girl

Getting a second date with a Thai Girl

Almost all single Thai girls as long as they think you arn’t crazy or look scary will go on a date with you. Getting a second date however can be a bit more elusive. If you don’t want to hear those boring lines like “I’m sorry I’m busy” then you should definately read the following tips for getting a second date with a Thai girl.
More -->>>

Thai language only dating sites

Top 5 best Thai Language Only Dating Sites

Don’t you wish you had a better playing field? Does it seem like every time you go on the major dating sites that you’re competing against a billion other Farang. Well I’ve found 5 Thai language dating sites that have so few Farang it’s almost no competition. If you’ve been on the site for a year or More-->>