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Nightlife In Thailand

Thailand can be a boring place to be or a super filled nightlife bonanza complete with dancing girls, bar girls, ladyboys and everything in between. Thailand Nightlife is unlike nightlife anywhere else in Asia, a misperception of dusk till dawn wild parties and nightclubs teemed with sexy girls.

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The major tourist destinations are filled with foreign friendly nightclubs where you can dance the night away to laid back beer bars that provide a fun filled time, here is a list of the different type of Things to do at night in Thailand.

Different Types of Nightlife in Thailand

Beer Bars In Thailand

Beer bars or girlie bars that some people call them are basically open aired bars (though typically with a roof) are normally found in beach town resorts like Pattaya and Phuket. The beer bar is where you'll find a bunch of Thai girls serving beer and sometimes (other things). The beer bar serve cold beer have good conversations.

Nightclubs In Thailand

Nightclubs in Thailand are not the same as let's say Australia. Thai Nightclubs are typically table service with little to no dance floor. But the one thing Nightclubs in Thailand have going for them is in the higher priced nightclubs the girls typically outnumber the guys.

Hotel Bars In Thailand

The hotel bar is always small and crowd less, almost always expensive and typically are lifeless. But if your looking to pick up a girl your best bet is to hit up the girls serving you drinks.

Rooftop Bars In Thailand

If you've never been to a Rooftop bar before than Thailand is the perfect opportunity to experience something special. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are packed with them and are gaining in popularity.

Fairy Light Bars In Thailand

The infamous fairy light bars are not all they seem. Typically there will be a few waitresses only Thai men drinking whisky. The beer and prices are really cheap and food is always available. These are the kinds of places you go with some mates and never with the chicks. They are funny places to see Thai men just totally wasted.

Karaoke In Thailand

Most Karaoke places in Thailand are really just disguises for Thai escorts basically. Randomly though i see guys go into these places have a few beers and sing on the box, not sure why you'd go to those places to do so though, when you walk in there will always be a large number of scantly clad Thai Girls sitting extremely unhappily in their chairs. I think this is done so that everyone has the same opportunity to get a customer basically. These kinds of places arn't friendly to westerners and often refuse service of anything but a beer.

Dirty Soapy Massage In Thailand

If you've never had a soapy massage in Thailand and your a male over the age of 16 then you really havn't lived life to the max. The soapy massage is the number one experience if you like Thai girls and want to get down and dirty with them. Prices range from 1200+ and you get about ninety minutes with the girl of your choice. You choose her by sitting on a couch while the girls sit in bleachers behind a class panel. Once you've chosen her she then takes you to her room where you'll be pampered showered and taken care of!