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Chris’s Guide to Living in Thailand

There are over 600 different articles and more than 1 million words written on the subjects of living in Thailand and basically sleeping with as many good looking Thai girls as you possibly can all of whom have never worked a beer bar or GoGo bar in their life ok errr maybe more than a few of them thrown in as well 😉 All these stories have happened and are 100% written by me. I don’t sugar coat or pretty up the realities of living in Thailand I simply tell you how it is for me and just the way that I’d be talking to one of my mates. You won’t agree with everything I say or you’d be me. So take what you like but don’t hate me for what you don’t like. The good stuff is in the VIP members only area!

Hotels in Thailand

Helpful honest reviews on hotels in Thailand in particular the following tourist areas.

Hotels In Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Hotels
Hotels in Bangkok
Hotels in Bangkok
Hotels in Pattaya
Hotels in Pattaya
Hotels in Phuket
Phuket Hotels

Complete list of hotels in Thailand

Learn Thai

Learn Thai
Learning the Thai language shouldn't be difficult so I've made a few programs to help you learn Thai. These programs are simple yet affective and don't cost hundreds of dollars like some of the other programs out there. I believe in learning Thai the old fashioned way by memorizing the words and building a vocabulary, this is how a language is learnt.

More ->>>

Make Money

Make Money in Thailand
In order to live in Thailand you'll need to make money, you best prepare how you're going to do this before you come to Thailand and not afterwards. For example if your going to teach don't come here to get your certificates. Get accredited before you arrive that way you can start making money as soon as you get here.

Find out how to make money in Thailand ->>>

party in Thailand

Parties and Events
Everyone loves a good party and one of the reasons we love Thailand because it's so cheap to party here! Check out the nightlife guides if you want to know where to go but if you want to know when to go check out the events list for what big things are on as well as find out when i'm having one of my famous

Karaoke Parties.

Scams in Thailand

Scams in Thailand

I've seen every scam there is in Thailand in fact I even invented a few! Don't get taken for a ride and even if you don't agree with me the information in this category will save you money! Don't be fooled ever again and make sure that you read these articles so that you too aren't a victom. Read Scams in Thailand.


random thoughts

Random Thoughts

The most talked about articles on this site are the brain blips that come from Chris. The stories are more than controversial they are also true. Well facts might be opinions may not but it's up to you to distinguish the two and even though you might not agree with some things you will agree to others. Read these articles with an open mind. Read Chris's thoughts -->>>

Information about Thailand

Random Information about Thailand

Get to to know the truth about Thailand and how to live here from curing food poisoning to knowing what to do if you lose your passport in Thailand as well as realistic cost of living information. Information you'll find nowhere else that is real and not full of overhyped fluff found on other websites that talk about living in Thailand. More -->>

News in Thailand

Breaking News in Thailand

Sometimes if a story is compelling or I have a strong opinion I'll add a post about a breaking Thailand news story. Sometimes it's me who is breaking the news as well. Occasionally I'll translate a news post from Thai to English if I come accross it as a lot of the times the English papers don't break News stories unrelated to farang. View the news reports ->>

start a business in Thailand

Business in Thailand

Thinking of starting a business in Thailand? Or like to know how business is done in Thailand than these articles are a must! Know what you're getting into before starting a company in Thailand with information tips and tricks on starting a company in Thailand. More ->>


tips and tricks for living in Thailand

Tips and Tricks for surviving Thailand

Need the latest tips for traveling or moving and living in Thailand then this section is for you. Know when the bars are closed know how not to get scammed where to eat and what to do with your time in Thailand this section reveals information not covered anywhere else in Thailand.

More -->>

How to Swear in Thai

Thailand Book Reviews

Read a good book lately? Why not check out these book reviews most of the books here have a focus on Thailand and/or making money which is also helpful for those wanting to live in Thailand. If you've read or published a book also please don't forget to submit your review. More ->>


Getting around Thailand

Getting around Thailand

Let's face it, if you've never been to Thailand before you have a steep learning curve especially when getting around the country. Get the insider information on how to get around where to go and what to do common pitfals and mistakes you don't have to make! More -->>


Ladyboys in Thailand

Ladyboys in Thailand

The most fascinating creatures in the world are the Thai ladyboy, personally I don't get the attraction but that doesn't stop millions of guys willing and unknowingly falling for these men come women. If you'd like to know more about the Thai ladyboy where to find them what to do with them and how to spot them then check out these articles. More -->>


Absolutely nothing to do with living in Thailand but since this is a men's style blog we all love our gadgets so in these articles we post information on some interesting technology advancements and reviews on the latest gadgets that us men all love, if you can't get it in Thailand you'll figure out a way. More -->>


international news

International News

Sometimes there is some big international news that's worth reporting on in this articles we'll discuss those topics and get your ideas as well. More -->>