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Brothels In Chiang Mai

For 860 baht you can get your dick wet with a young girl in Chiang Mai I’ll show you where down below. 3am in the morning no problem these girls work all night servicing predominantly Thai guys. Don’t expect some […]

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Thai Girl of the Month Daisy July 2015

Another sexy Thai Girl of the month photo-shoot and this month probably the sexiest girl of this series is Daisy from Pure Bangkok Escorts one of the leading online escort agencies in Thailand and easily our steamiest photo-shoot yet. You’ll […]

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Thai Girl The Month – Bonny – June 2015

Time for the Thai Girl of the month series again and this month we have Bonny from Bangkok Escort. What I liked most about Bonny were honestly her tattoos, not exactly for everyone but for those who love tatted chicks […]

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Olivia – Thai Girl Of The Month – May 2015

This is the first of a new series of photo shoots I’ll be doing for the blog, each girl is chosen from the list of Thailand escorts and this week we got to shoot Olivia from BangkokEscort.com. What I liked most […]

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thai girl panty

Top 10 Best Thai Girl Panty Video

Thai Girls for me at least are the sexiest girls in the world, I just adore their tiny butts and slim frame but what I don’t like is undressing these girls only to find them all wearing granny panties. Maybe […]

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Thai Girl of the Week

The Thai girl of the week this week is so hot I bet you’re wondering where I found her from? Sorry that’s a secret not even VIP members can know. But doesn’t matter because the real reason your probably reading […]

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Thai Girl of the week

Thai girl of the week: Gadget of the Week: Powered Pilot 2GS Portable Charger Here is a little piece of technology you have probably never thought of owning. A portable USB charger. A portable charger really is a must have […]

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Thai Girl Of the Week: Benz

Well it’s that time of month again something to give away! World cup fever is in full swing and Pure Escorts one of our sponsors is giving an awesome discount you can read about here and this months prize is […]

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Thai Girl of The Week: Umi

Curfew problems? I see opportunity! For a few days now we’ve been on lock-down basically not being able to go out after 10pm. Here in Chiang Mai it’s really not so bad you could go out but there is nowhere […]

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Thai girls of the week

Hottest Thai Women of 2013

Hey guys yet another week has flown by. I didn’t get any posts out this week actually was saving them all up to put out today, try mix things up again. Last week as you’ll recall I gave away a […]

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Thai Girl of the Week: Bop

It’s been a while but we’re starting up again! I had stopped doing this Thai girl of the week newsletter it’s been off and on for years now but as you’ll read in my next post. I really hadn’t had […]

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thai girl this week

How to make money selling drugs

No this post isn’t going to tell you how to sell drugs in Thailand. In fact if you did I’d come and get you myself! It’s the title of a documentary film as you’ll see later in the post. I’ve […]

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Pattaya VIP Party

Pattaya VIP Party Photos

For the four lucky guys who come to the party a few quickly snapped up the bar fines there were a few guys who made use of the Mile High Rooms. Big thanks to the guys who came but a […]

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Thai girls gone wild

Thai Girls Gone Wild

Here are some videos from this guy Hans from Germany who likes to video tape his exploits in Thailand. It’s not explicit but I’m sure this guy has his own personal collection of videos I’m sure many would love to […]

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Thai School Girl

Thai Girl Of The Month Thai School Girl

Not long to go until Songkran hope you’ve figured out what you are going to do for the holiday or for some of you and likely me curl up at home and escape the madness actually I’m still undecided. This […]

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Thai Girl of the month 2013

Thai Girl Of The Month Nook

Some real interesting stuff for you this month, first there is Nook 23y/o hotty who loves guns any guys out there wanna show her your gun? Then there is my Trip to Khon Kaen recently and my recommendation for accommodations. […]

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