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Mongers Nightlife Guide To Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is the Monger capital of Thailand even though Bangkok has more working girls nowhere else in Thailand is it as centralised as this small beach side city quickly becoming a big city. 4.4 million visitors visit Pattaya each year and nearly all of them are seeking places to go at night use this as your guide to plan your next trip to the Monger capital of Thailand. This map and information is continually updated so be sure to come back regularly to view the latest information on planning your next trip to Pattaya.

There main areas of interest to Mongers exploring the nightlife of Pattaya:

Map of Adult Nightlife entertainment in Pattaya

Pattaya Bachelor Friendly Hotels

While other websites and your friends might tell you that if you are going to Pattaya simply pack your bags get there and find a hotel. Well that's just poor advice, think about it your planning in your head everything your going to do when you get to Pattaya but you want to arrive there and waste a few hours walking around in the head trying to find a place to sleep? Why do you want to waste your time and how are you going to know if the hotel your booking is any good. Take my advice and check out the Bachelor friendly hotels on this list even if for a few days before you find another place to stay.

For more information visit Bachelor Friendly Hotels in Pattaya.

Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors

Pattaya has some of the best Soapy Massage parlors of anywhere in Thailand! No one should ever go to Pattaya without getting at least one soapy massage it'll change your life!

For more information please visit Complete Guide to Pattaya Soapy Massages Parlors

Pattaya Nightclubs

After Bangkok Pattaya has some of the best nightclubs of anywhere in Thailand in fact it may have an advantage over Bangkok because the opening times are much later somehow Autonomous in their own policing and no one cares. In fact the clubs here don't even open till 11pm! And why should they everyone hangs out at the go go bars and the beer bars before this time anyway. Want to party into the morning then you can find it in Pattaya.

For more information please visit Complete Guide to Pattaya Nightclubs

Places in Pattaya for Short Time

Might seem a little intimidating to the newbie but Soi 6 is probably the place to go for short time pleasure. A quick walk down the street and you'll know within minutes you can be in action on site in their rooms. Don't feel comfortable with that or don't like too many people around then go to Beach road and you'll find freelancers who are willing to go short time and is a little cheaper also. There is also a little known road (shown on the map) where girls sit on the side of the road on chairs where you can drive down pick up one of the girls and she'll take you to a nearby short time hotel for 6-700 baht all inclusive (including girl) for about an hour of fun though the girls don't speak much English at all.


Pattaya Go Go Bars

There are so many go go bars in Pattaya and since their always opening and closing it would take a team of people to keep on top of them all so simply in this guide i'm going to point you to the 5 best go go bars in Pattaya, the ones you must see. Explore the others on your own but you havn't visited a good Go Go bar unless you've been into the following 5 top go go bars.

For more information visit Top 5 Go Go bars In Pattaya

Pattaya Beer Bars

The beer bars in Pattaya are famous and probably more famous than those in Bangkok they are everywhere! They are typically concentrated however along Soi's 7,8 and walking street. Beer Bars are a cheap way to drink and meet girls. Prices are reasonable and so are the girls, most girls go short time but for a little bit more you can have them all night. Though you might just get them home and might not want to keep them anymore so negotiate a nightly fee first then when you get home reduce it further for a short time! The best beer bar areas are located on the Pattaya Nightlife map.

What To Do In Pattaya

If you've never been to Pattaya or perhaps you have and are looking to know what to do in terms of nightlife based on your budget I've written up a few articles about what to do in Pattaya. Once you have prepared for your trip to pattaya read the following articles.

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About Chris

Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

15 Responses to Mongers Nightlife Guide To Pattaya Thailand

  1. Mahendrasinh Jadeja March 9, 2013 at 7:08 am #


  2. rawbull June 11, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    Just spending a few unplanned weeks in Pattaya while waiting for some visa to get done before heading to Vietnam, so no time to plan much ahead and haven’t been to Patts before so thx for the info you got up,here Chris. Hopefully I’ll make it back to CM this winter, haven’t been up there in a year and a half, last time we met was at Bangsaen or maybe maow sabai i think, can’t really remember actually!. Been too busy checkin out Cambodia and Vietnam to come back to Thailand lately so haven’t got up for the VIP stuff but will when the time comes.
    Anyway, just thought I throw a few things out there, to lazy to post in each section…

    Checkin and out of a few hotels but one of the best deals going away from WS and second road is Katesiree Residence on Buakhao, 700 a night brand new…can be agoded.

    Only hit up sabai dee and vip but both well worth it, vip chicks were nicer and Id probably go back there before trying another place

    Info on the clubs is pretty spot…not much more to say. Just pick your poison although Mixx and insomnia were the only ones always busy.
    Mixx id’s so if you want something fresher better luck at insomnia or elsewhere. Mixx sells freelancers drinks for 50bt so if you’re cheap and take a girl with you there get her to buy a couple drinks then meet up, not really worth the hassle but whatever.
    Don’t try this at Insomnia…some girls can get cheap drinks there but they’re stickered and the staff are all over it. Best buy a bottle anyways.
    Casino club once but headed over there with a mamasan and a waiter from Baccara. Was pretty thrashed already but good times can be had here for sure. Might be better to come here earlier when they have coyotes then come back later. Will check it out again.
    Headed over to Noir disco twice and they said they only opened at 1am, WTF? Have a back up plan at differ or hollywood if you wanna stick around that area!
    Differ gets busy on weekends, get there before 11, way better than any farang club, just like anywhere in thailand though!
    No point going over all the gogos, lots of info out there but…
    Baccara still the best all round, lots of decent gogos around, whats up had good shows but you’ll walk out a ST short of money without the ST, for the younger girls check out superbaby and supergirls, nice coyotes and good vibe at Sensations but steep barfine and prices, up on lkmetro nothing really good, champagne had some good nights, sugarsugar was good a couple times. Couple hidden gems around there though…

    Wasn’t into combing the beer bars much, too hot, so no info there. Likewise for WS. No aircon means no drinking there for me right now.

    If your use to gclubs, karaokes, just asian scene in general, where you might have work it more slowly then theres relatively good game to be played here (maybe only in low season or at some times, not too sure) in some of the smaller coyote clubs with some new younger girls that have been brought over to Pats to have a go at the foreign scene, some just while on uni or college break, some were PR or coyote girls back in central thai or lighter skinned western isaan (petchabun, chaiyaphum, ++) looking to make more money here.
    They don’t speak much english yet, so if you can speak some thai then game on you’ll know if they’re legit, these girls still have all their thai manners( but not for long!), no tats and bad attitudes, and they can dance and want to check out some places in town. If you drop by their place a couple times, buy them a couple drinks ( no worries no tequilas here!), be friendly with the staff and mamas, and get them comfortable before you barfine them, they’re probably the best P4P value option in the farang places in Patts. If you just try to barfine them the first night they’ll usually straight out deny, or ask you 2500+ for a probably shitty starfish ST cause they won’t be comfortable or experienced with farangs. These girls ain’t going LT either at first if they’ve only been there a couple days/weeks unless they realllly need some funds really badly.

    Definitely some leg work and strategy involved here to find these girls, and some minor money to weed them out and get the ones you want, and depending how picky you are you might only find a few but the good ones are gold if they like you too…they’re definitely in town to makesome money since they don’t have much yet or need some for school but they’ll offer good rates, sometimes variable like some dek sidelines do, depend hou much you negotiate. 1500bt for one ST and going out partying at first then you’ll be able to convince to stay LT in morning for not much more was my deal and the best of all they have good manners, so always chip in some of that money on mixers, food, rides, whatever.

    Best two nights I had here were taking 20-22 year old semi-coyotes out, at the hotel for some fun before we get too drunk, maybe some street food, then off to differ…no problems there cause these girls won’t be wearing club slut clothes. Lots of room to dance weekdays and they go off, just like a thai coyote should when there’s thai music. Just gotta watch out they don’t get too drunk (usually an older friend at the same coyote bar is still watching over them) and for the thai guys that will for sure come around when you’re out for a smoke, good reason to have a wingman…or else get on the shisha.
    Forget taking these girls to Insomnia, they won’t want to get up there with the hired coyotes, Mixx alright maybe, but the whole point is that the girls can dance like not too many others will and nothing will get them up more than thai tunes, so take em to differ, noir, or some other thai place and keep on eye on the pattaya thai dudes, they don’t care if it’s something they wouldn’t touch, but definitely worse if your out with girls they’re used to gaming and she’s with a farang.

    If you pick the right ones these girls will basically act like the good thai girls they still are, but probably wont be for long, and have way more fun dancing than the good thai girls. Just don’t expect the full on farang porn experince, they gotta be worked differently, much better to get the more experienced ones with full on tats and bolt ons for that.
    Also with these girls best to just stick to that one girl in her bar, for sure they won’t react the same then some others who’ve been around a while if you start barfining left right. Anyways, the other girls will know what kind ofmgirls you’re out for, won’t stop them from trying it on in the disco later, but they’ll back off soon enough. If you want a scene though go for it. Warned you are.

    Lots of other good bits in town,
    third road has some karaoke places, nice open air drinking spots,
    Some good ST fun on a couple sois off of sukhumvit up north,
    lots of cheap but dodgier karaokes of nakua, +++
    cheers maate

    • Chris June 11, 2013 at 11:31 am #

      Excellent review mate!

      • rawbull June 12, 2013 at 4:25 am #

        Yeah probably not the way most guys would go about it in Pattaya but it’s pretty much the way you gotta operate in Cambodia and Vietnam if you’re a foreigner wanting to score tight girls in karaokes and hostess clubs, in those countries things are more like chiang mai, not much out in the open and spread out, and it’s still more conservative than chiang mai so the normal girls are work. But you can pull some sweet barely used girls all the way to virgins for about 300-800 from karaokes and then all you gotta is keep them up for couple hundred a month at most.
        Took a few days to get some of my thai back, was never that great anyways but hadn’t spoken it for almost two years. Definitely helps in the thai places even just for fun factor, but not much advantage in WS discos unless you’re stealin a newbie bg who can barely speak english from her fresh in thailand bf. lol
        I’m sure there’s some decent stuff on dating sites and whatnot if you can plan ahead, not my case though.
        A couple more bits…
        Was getting asked 800-1000 on soi esso all in, beats soi hok for sure, but pales to what you can get in cams and rural viet, 10 or so bucks for cute 18-24ish girls, everything from khmers to viets chinese mix, these chicks can be damn hot!
        If you got a big budget than fashion club, model club and ballentines(?) have the best coyotes/karaoke girls around. Tad above my budget though!
        Anyways, Pats is a blast but just so much used goods everywhere and lots of hunters even in low season, could have bought a used dtracker 250 and travelled all over issan and central thailand for a while like I did three years ago for what I’ll have spent here and in bkk in less than a month. Oh well…lol

  3. rawbull June 16, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    Here’s another bit that I worked into…
    “How to get a fresh gogo/coyote girl for free (only pay barfine)”

    These girls rarely give it out for cheap, they might want to if they’re into you but they’re being told by the mamasan and the others to ask for top baht, they’re usually staying with another girl th at watches over or in one case right avove the gogo, and usually need the money for the family, school or maybe even the bf upcountry but these girls don’t have bf or sponsor in town yet. Hell if the cute nubies are going for cheap nobody’s gonna take out the used up tattooed chicks for top dollar, or are they??lol

    I’m sure some guys have been in Pattaya a while have got good connections with girls that have also been around some time and get the odd barfine only lay or cheap lay from a girl before work or at the disco later, heck maybe even the odd afternoon freebie, but these guys have spent a lot on these girls already so good for them and it’s most likely an older girl, maybe a beer girl, not a young coyote! If you want the good new girls for cheap, yeah the ones with a hairy bush that at first will look away when a you eye them, not the ones sitting in a beer bar all night calling out every fat farang, the ones that don’t go to ibar or insomnia, you can try this trick out if you’re tired of the discos and partying till dawn.

    For this to work you need to have done what i wrote above in the first post, you need to have found some new girls around, best if it’s their first month and even better you were the first to barfine them a few times, then they’ll trust you more than any other farang and you only have to worry about the thai guys when you take them anywhere. For me they’re fun to hang out with and aren’t gonna bleed you dry at the discos, good cause you’re already in over 2000bt for a ST with barfine that you turned into a night at the club with ST that you then turned into a LT on the second or third barfine for a few hundred baht more or maybe even jjust some somtam, gai yang
    and khai niaw for breakie while you watch some thai soaps. But you’re in at over 3500bt for a fresh to farang coyote for LT with some drinks or a bottle at the club…could have been worse if the girls weren’t helping out with mixers and shitsha and whatnot. So now’s a good time to have a cheap quiet night off with these girls…

    They’ll usually always head home for a couple days after their month long stint is over for a visit and of course give some money to the family, but they’ll keep some and party with their friends like we all would. But cause they’re at home gotta get up at sunrise and help out, then take the two or three buses, or the minibus that hits every moobahn within fifty clicks, for half the day back to Patts and then on to work that same night. These girls come back tired…and broke(but they can make that money back off somebody else!)

    And this is when you hit them up that night, show up at latest a couple hours after their shift starts, they’re tired already, if you buy em a drink no more cause you don’t want them getting a second wind in the gogo, and really you’re a bit worn out too been out late six out of seven for weeks!, and tell them you’ll barfine them so they can go get some sleep either in their own room or yours if they want. Give them the option cause you’re coming off as the nice guy helping them out. Haven’t had one want to go back alone home yet cause their friends are still working, but if they want to either pay it (guess that does make you a nice guy) or make up some excuse that you need the money for something else.
    From then it’s game on and since you’ve already set the boundaries, no need to pay for anything else and you got them out of the gogo, so no worries if they wanna go out for a couple drinks and eat cause it’s still early anyways. Of the four girls I’ve tried this on…one girl was keen for some drinks and food, was really upped after we left the gogo, and was good to go when we got back to my place. The second was so tired she passed out no shower, slept till 10am but was keen the morning after. The third spent an hour on facebook then slept cuddling all night and didn’t get up till i got back from a massage at 1pm with some food, didn’t seem keen to give it up but no worries since i was out an about already, she’s always asking about girlfriends and that already so??…It’s a mixed bag but better than spending the night playing connect four trying to find a half decent beer girl for twice the price.

    This probably won’t happen easy with agency girls cause they do ten day shifts with as many days off as they want and get paid more, and the barfines are more too, so best stick to the ‘gogo owned’ girls that have tighter schedules . Fourth girl I tried it with was a agency spinner from sisaket near surin at Iron gogo, a bit dark for me but we got along well in khmer too, but she just said she could leave early if she wanted to…no worries cause the early barfine was 1500bt anyways. Also, the girls who have been around more then a couple months start drinking more and don’t head back home as often, if they do they know the drill already so best to stick with the new ones.
    Anybody else trying to get the narak nubies for cheap?

    • rawbull July 13, 2013 at 9:30 am #

      Been gone for a while but thought I’d give my last thoughts on Pats…

      For the fresh gogo/coyote girls you can pretty much forget about them after they’ve been around a month and a bit, they’ve gotten used to things and there workin’ it by now s o best to move on, especially if they have drink quotas to fill, cause they now nknow they lose big money if they don’t fill them out. If you live here then rinse and repeat, not a bad budget strategy…

      If you’re scoping the beer bars for freshies then head up north, towards and on Naklua beer bars have the best ratio that don’t get barfined too often or don’t want to as opposed to the big complexes by beach rd. Since it’s mostly older guys around there they love younger farangs coming by, and if you want some fun, especially if you just figured out the girl is carrying her older sisters Id (ooops) them head to the karaokes on the sois of naklua, tons of them, byob just get mixers, or head to third road but keep your wits about ya, helps much if you speak some thai in these areas. then bring them back to their rooms after if you’re worried about ids…lots of younger bg live around these areas too, from then on they migrate south for work and more baht…

      Back to walking st, zab cafe can be a gold mine, really hit or miss and always have a few older farangs taking bg or katoeys here but they don’t ID so you can luck out and find some young chonburi hotel/school/whatever girls getting drunk on Sangsom here…
      Pier disco is underrated, best disco on WS, probably has the highest ratio of normalish girls than any other disco nearby. Best to bring your own, but I’ve rocked up here alone too and had good luck, either with gogo girls or students just havin a good time. Pick a good table and share some shisha to get things going, lots of space to dance and coyotes, best 2-6am when girls still wanna party but want to avoid the other places.

      No need to talk about ibar, insomnia, mixx and the likes, always worth a look cause new bits are always coming into town but pros everywhere so it gets hard to filter things out on busy nights, but couldn’t see myself spending too many nights here in the busy season!

      • Chris July 13, 2013 at 1:58 pm #

        Good review thanks mate.

      • ANTHONY ERVIN February 12, 2020 at 9:59 am #

        Hello. I would like to know if there are just plain brothels in Pattaya? My fantasy is to fuck six or seven ladies doggystyle at one time. Starting from one end and finishing at the other until I cum. Can you please tell me if there is such a place to make my fantasy come true?

    • Fudnucks August 1, 2017 at 4:56 am #

      I couldn’t understand what you were talking about. You can barely speak English.

  4. Osman October 5, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    Mixx is best clup on the world not only in thailand.

  5. hotels in Pattaya Thailand February 22, 2014 at 8:32 am #

    Thanks Rawbull for thorough review and suggestions. – Thuk

  6. Ali Rahgoshay December 26, 2014 at 2:23 am #

    hi.very nice. I live in iran and in iran price of sex very low

  7. Dani July 23, 2016 at 9:41 am #

    Totally appalling, degrades the value of human dignity.

    I was totalled appalled by the young street-walkers and ladyboys who are all in the same trade. Legal age of the young girls aside, it is horrifying that in this modern and advanced age, women’s status is still so devalued in such Asian society. While the tourists who are for vice activities are loathsome, worse is the locals who allowed their women and countrymen to be sold into these trades.

    It was after my Pattaya trip that I swore never to travel to Thailand again.

  8. Jj z November 25, 2016 at 5:46 pm #

    Iran is shit.


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