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where to live in thailand

Bangkok vs Chiang Mai vs Pattaya

I’ve been living in Bangkok a while now and if you’ve followed this blog over the years you’d know that I’ve lived in Pattaya…twice.. yet the majority of my 7 years in Thailand have been at Chiang Mai. I must […]

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Russians girls in pattaya

Where to Pick Up Russians in Pattaya

This is a topic that never quite goes away, and it’s one that usually sparks a debate.  Single Western guys on the prowl in Thailand are generally looking for Thai women.  But there’s a growing population of Russians in tourist […]

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Thai Prostitutes

Young Guys Bringing Thai Prostitutes Home

There’s a decent amount of bar girls in Pattaya who have spent a few months or even a couple of years with a foreign man in his home country, before coming right back to the bar shortly after.  The strange […]

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Everything to do in Pattaya that’s NOT SEX

I’ve been in Pattaya the past 2 months checking out all there is to do here. Last year I did all the sex places so I thought I’d check out everything there is to do in Pattaya that have absolutely […]

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Snoop Tomboy Club Pattaya

Snoop Tomboy Club in Pattaya

Pattaya has something for everyone even a club full of Toms. Everyone already knows how I feel about Toms and when I first saw about 10 of these Toms out the front of the Snoop club in Pattaya I was […]

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Russians in Pattaya

Russians in Pattaya

There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings about the Russian holidaymakers in Pattaya. Some are not so happy about it while others are reeling in the Russian money flooding into the place. In March 2007 Thailand and Russia entered into […]

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clouds in pattaya

The clouds in Pattaya

Walking street and beach road it’s enough alone to keep your eyes firmly at street level at all times. But then when you get back to the hotel/apartment you start to look up. Sometimes sober though often half cut you […]

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Short stories about Pattaya

Book review time and while I honestly don’t read a lot of books this one was very interesting. A series of short stories set in the most notorious bar scene in Thailand, Pattaya the book Thai Lottery is already primed […]

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What’s the best GoGo bar in Pattaya?

I was out last night in full party mode and I noticed a changing of the guard. Veterans to the scene know that Baccara is currently the most highly rated Gogo in Pattaya by many standards and I’ve never had […]

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Pattaya vs Chiang Mai, the 2012 Debate

While the Americans have just concluded the 2012 Presidential debates, Chris and I have decided to publicly engage in our own little debate. You see we have a difference of opinion when it comes to the topic of “best place […]

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Pattaya Nightclub Reviews Pt. 2

As promised, here is the 2nd and final part of the in depth reviews of the best discos in Pattaya. I’m taking all of the guessing out of the equation for you and giving you all of the pertinent details […]

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Pattaya Nightclub Reviews Pt. 1

Pattaya has a good amount of discos that are open late and they all seem to offer something different. Only Bangkok can compete with the options Pattaya gives you, but Pattaya has to be the best in Thailand for after […]

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My checklist for going out in Pattaya

IF you are going out for a jam packed night of craziness in Pattaya, you must prepare for your adventure by having all of the tools of the trade ready to go. Here is my personal checklist; and in case […]

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Two fantastic Buffets in Pattaya

With nearly 100 buffets to choose from in Pattaya there are no shortage of options. Having lived here for many years and having gone to most, I thought I would share my two very favorite places with you. Daruma Shabu […]

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Gogo bar review Pattaya

There are reviews of nearly every Gogo in Pattaya, but many of them are dated and with the constant turnover with management and with “talent” in the Gogo’s a year old review becomes basically worthless. I had the pleasure of […]

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Pattaya Nightlife Girls

Mongers Nightlife Guide To Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is the Monger capital of Thailand even though Bangkok has more working girls nowhere else in Thailand is it as centralised as this small beach side city quickly becoming a big city. 4.4 million visitors visit Pattaya each year […]

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