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Gogo bar review Pattaya

There are reviews of nearly every Gogo in Pattaya, but many of them are dated and with the constant turnover with management and with “talent” in the Gogo’s a year old review becomes basically worthless. I had the pleasure of spending some time in two of my favorites recently, so here is an up to date and thorough review of “Heaven’s Above” and “What’s Up.”

Best Pattaya Go Go Clubs

Heaven’s Above

Just off Walking Street on Soy Diamond, you can’t miss the stairs and sign directing you into “Heaven’s Above.” It’s a medium sized place that gets crowded during the weekends, but usually never too crowded. They’ve always had a positive reputation, having more than enough women on shift. There was a noticeable decline in the talent quality from the time the place first opened. Roughly six months ago this was the sentiment many regulars had, but I’m happy to report that the talent is right back to where it originally was. Keeping in mind that I’m a hard grader, I saw roughly 15 girls who I would say were a 7 or above and there were 5 girls who were nearly perfect. This is not typical for most Gogo’s; I usually see just a handful per Gogo that are a 7+, and usually only 1 stunner, if that.

Prices on drinks and girls are somewhat high, but justifiable in my opinion. After 1:00 AM bar fines go down by 200 baht so that is something to keep in mind. This is a special spot; there’s nice and affordable hotel rooms attached to the club for 2 hours or for the night. And the only Gogo’s that compete with it or beat it for having attractive girls have more of a tightly wound atmosphere; Heaven’s Above is very loose. The girls and staff are friendly and the visitors of the establishment seem to get attention the minute they want it, but aren’t harassed for drinks at all.

Bottom Line: Heaven’s Above may not stand out for any one specific thing, but it gets high grades across the board.

What’s Up

Located off Walking Street somewhere between Secrets and Angle Witch, you’ll know it when you see it thanks to an impressive and very modern looking exterior. Once you’re inside you’ll immediately notice 3 things: A lot of white, a lot of sexy girls, and no place to sit. They can usually squeeze you in, but if you’re going with a group on a weekend it might be tough for everyone to be able to sit together. For years this has probably been one of the most successful Gogo’s in Pattaya if we’re judging based on being packed vs. being empty, because What’s Up is always filled near capacity.

The prices are high on everything. Cocktails, beers, water, soda…there is no hiding from an inflated drink price and I doubt there are more than a few Gogo’s with higher prices in all of Pattaya. Bar fines are high too, and the women seem to expect a higher short or long time fee than most. This is absolutely not the place for a man on a budget.

The atmosphere is something you have to see for yourself, but it’s not relaxed at all. You wouldn’t come here in your gym clothes. There is barely any room to walk around and the music is very loud. You really can’t joke around with a group of your buddies in this place; just too much getting in the way. They have shows about once an hour which feature some gymnastics, but mostly just girls going to town on each other in ridiculous costumes with ridiculous music in the background. Again, it’s something you must see, but not necessarily fun. Actually nothing about this club is really fun, it’s just interesting.

What’s up does have one thing going for itself; very hot girls. Like many other clubs, the talent turns over quickly and you can catch an off period here and there, but more often than not this place has some of the best talent in Pattaya. Of course you do get what you pay for when it comes to the girls. In this recent trip the talent level was just about as high as it’s ever been in this club.

Bottom line: What’s Up is too expensive, the atmosphere isn’t fun, it’s cramped, and hardly seems like a place to go with your friends. However, there are almost always beautiful girls there and this is obviously an important enough category to make What’s Up a worthwhile spot to go to, but only on special occasions.

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