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What’s the best GoGo bar in Pattaya?

I was out last night in full party mode and I noticed a changing of the guard. Veterans to the scene know that Baccara is currently the most highly rated Gogo in Pattaya by many standards and I’ve never had a problem with that assessment until now.

First some info about Bacarra- Sharing ownership with 4 other GoGo’s on Walking Street, Bacarra gets the cream of the crop from their pool which goes a long way. It has a great location right in the middle of Walking Street and it’s a big place; each floor of Bacarra is about as large as most other competitors. Drink prices are pretty good and you can get a draft beer for 59 baht. They usually feature about 10 girls on stage at a time, with their best girls being on the 1st floor stage. Girls leave you alone unless you call them over, a trait most people appreciate since you don’t get the dreaded request for a drink by a girl you’re not interested in. There are some beautiful women at Bacarra, certainly some of the best around. The prices on girls aren’t crazy either, although the girls seem to inflate prices heavily for Japanese men.

The 2nd floor of Bacarra usually features their B lineup, though never devoid of some type of talent. The first floor can get too crowded on weekends so upstairs offers a nice change of pace with plenty of girls, not many guys, and a lot of room. Bacarra actually doesn’t even make it clear that there is a 2nd floor. There’s a spiraling stair case in the corner with no signs that can easily be mistaken for an employee’s only room. Yesterday I noticed a guy looking at the stairs puzzled, and I could tell he was curious so I told him there’s a whole other floor of girls up there and he was happily surprised.

The problem I’m having with Bacarra is that the “filler girls” are going downhill. They still have a handful of beauties like they always have, but yesterday there were 10 girls who would never have met the cut in that place a few months back, and I’m talking about downstairs. You may be thinking that the filler girls don’t matter since you’ll only engage with one of their best. But as crowded as the club is and with high spending Japanese men always in attendance, it’s difficult to ever get a chance to talk to a superstar. So the filler girls are important in a crowded place like this, especially if you’re just trying to have a good time and not actually take one of the girls back with you. Since ownership has to spread its girls around the 5 clubs they have, I think I can explain the drop in talent. The best of the best ( 9’s and 10’s) are still sent to Bacarra, but the 7’s and 8’s are being sent to basically be the elite girls of their other clubs so they sport a respectable lineup across all of their establishments. I understand this strategy, but with only 5’s and 6’s and a few 9’s and 10’s that you have to bend over backwards to talk to, Bacarra is taking a hit in my opinion. A lot of the 9’s and 10’s get bar fined early into the night as well, so the talent really starts to thin out and you’ll notice a huge drop off from Midnight to 1:00 AM. This is still a great place, but it’s getting a little too popular for its own good. I might even prefer to go to one of their other spots, like Peppermint or Happy where I know I can have a 7 on my lap within a few minutes of walking through the door.

All of this leaves room for the current best in Pattaya, and I’m giving that title to a place called, “The Iron Club” on Walking Street next to The Airport Club. I’ll start with the bad first; this place is expensive. It’s probably the most expensive on Walking Street right now and that’s a turn off. But the high prices are what’s stopping this place from being packed to the limits every night. And Bacarra certainly has taught a lesson that being packed to capacity makes it very difficult to operate. If you’re going to any of the high end Gogo’s you’re spending real money anyhow, so an extra 1,000 Baht is justified if it’s a superior experience. To be clear about the prices, bar fines on some of the girls are 1,200-1,700 depending on the time, while the B lineup of girls starts at 800. But more than half of the club is 1,700 until midnight and that’s a pricey bar fine. Those same girls also have crazy prices of their own, quoting 3,000 for short time and 5,000 for longtime. The reality is that they will take much less if you have any game whatsoever, or unless you’re Japanese. Still, drinks are expensive and the girls in this club are not shy about asking you for a drink so you can expect to blow some money on lady drinks while you’re hanging out.

With the bad out of the way, here is the good: The lineup is sensational! It’s always been good at this place, but it seems to be getting better and better. I would actually say that almost every girl is either a 7 or an 8, with a couple of 9’s. The girls are really fun and engaging as well. The best feeling you can have at a Gogo is when you don’t know where to look because there’s so much to look at and that’s how I often feel at Iron. The girls are all smiles and they help to give the place the best atmosphere of any Gogo in Pattaya.

Gogo’s have a tremendous turnover so it’s very difficult for one place to maintain consistently high grades over all others. Girls quit, they go back home, they meet a guy, they flake out, or they get recruited by another place. It’s quite a task to keep heaps of talent coming in a place month after month, so I still give Bacarra a lot of credit and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it regains its top status. But for now The Iron Club is the best Gogo on or near Walking Street if money isn’t a factor.

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6 Responses to What’s the best GoGo bar in Pattaya?

  1. Keith December 19, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    I think that my favourite Walking Street A Go-Go has got to be the Sexy Airline. The Girls are always top class (some of the best times I’ve had) and the service is always great. It’s a small place which makes it look busy all the time but I think that it adds to the atmosphere.

    Just next door is the Iron Club also another great night in there. However just recently, Show Girls on Soi LK Metro, has started to get my custom. Some of the girls on top floor are just amazing.

    • Chuk February 17, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

      I enjoyed Airline when it first arrived (no pun intended) and agree the small space makes it look busy and more lively and I was happy to put up with the price of the drinks but over the years and my repeated visits to Patts I found the girls’ attitudes to get worse and worse. A common similarity I found with most go-gos on Walking Street, which is probably why in all my trips, back in Dec 2012 I didn’t step one foot on it, I didn’t even bother to go to Insomnia.

      I used to dislike going to Bangkok and visiting Nana Plaza but I found myself there on a couple of days stopover and it was refreshing to walk into a go-go, look around, have a fixed price and not put up with all the baggage and bullshit.

  2. Patrick October 12, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    My favorite club in Pattaya, is the Windmill just off walking street…..

  3. Jed March 25, 2014 at 8:57 am #

    I think Babydolls just off Walking Street is the best GoGo. It’s always seems busy, and maybe they don’t have the number of stunners that some other bars do, but All the girls are great fun and without the normal attitude you get from some prima donnas. Judging by the Pattaya polls a lot of people agree because I see Babydolls has been voted number 1 about 4 times and is in the top 5 of every poll I have seen.

  4. Mark November 8, 2014 at 7:33 am #


    I come often to your bar Baccara in Pattaya and came again yesterday and spent ~10,000B.

    Lady (#128) when she came my room she had “migraine”, that’s what she said 🙁

    Because I am a gentleman I let her sleep and said nothing but because I am a gentleman also I will never set again foot in your place and I will tell story to all my friends…

    More ladies like this you have and faster you’re going to loose faithfull customers 🙁

    An ex customer.

  5. BCe January 17, 2017 at 12:07 am #

    I was denied entry at Baccara and Skyfall because I look Indian. I am actually from the USA and a multimillionaire. I can buy several of these racist scumbag places. Walking Streey blows…,,,,,

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