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Where to meet girls in Phuket 2023

The last few years have drastically changed the face of the tourism industry, and Thailand has been particularly hard hit. Phuket was once my go-to place for sun, sea, surf, and sexy-as-hell hookups, but due to the pandemic, I had […]

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Where to Buy Steroids in Thailand 2022 Thai Anabolics

Where to Buy Steroids in Thailand + 2024 Interview w/ Thai Anabolics

Below is part of an interview I had with Adrian, the owner of Thai Anabolics. Luckily, due to this website, I have a large network of people that I can reach out to in Thailand. So whatever catches my interest, […]

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a threesome with 2 chicks

How to find a third for your threesome in Bangkok

Bangkok is a giant city that brings in people from all over Thailand and the world. Among other things it is famous for being a center of sex. Thai people have a reputation for being very sexual while on the […]

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Best Place to Buy Kamagra and Viagra in Thailand

This will be one of my shorter posts with advice on where to buy real Kamagra in Thailand without any hassle. About every week I have friends in Australia and the U.S. ask if I can buy and ship Kamagra […]

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bangkok vs pattaya for girls

Bangkok vs Pattaya girls

The two main cities guys visit and live in Thailand are Bangkok and Pattaya. After that you have Phuket and Chiang Mai. Next, maybe Hua Hin. Then there are all the guys who live in cities in Isan, usually with […]

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Bangkok go go bars

Why Bangkok go go bars aren’t that great

We could argue over whether Thailand is more famous for its culture or for its nightlife and adult entertainment. I don’t think it matters much, except that to note for our purposes the naughty stuff is a lot more of […]

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thai baht on the table

Dating vs mongering in Bangkok

Whether you have been reading this site for years or just showed up and started going through the archives, you can see that I have covered a mix of dating and mongering in Thailand. I guess most guys follow this […]

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big cebu titties

A monger’s guide to Cebu

What do you know about Cebu? Chances are, not a lot. I was the same until I finally got on a plane and flew over from Manila on my last visit to the Philippines. Cebu isn’t a city that you […]

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Japanese escort tits

How to find full service hookers in Tokyo

Do you want to know how to find full service hookers in Tokyo? You’re not alone. You are pretty much surrounded by sex and sexuality in a lot of Tokyo. But unless you’re Japanese you might have no idea about […]

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picked up a hooker in hong kong

Monger’s guide to Hong Kong

One of the great things about living in Thailand is that you have quick and easy access to all sorts of other Asian cities. There are two major international airports in Bangkok. You can fly from there to cities all […]

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How to get around in Bangkok

Some people say there are no stupid questions. I don’t know if I fully agree with that. If a chick asked me if she could get pregnant from anal I might question her intelligence. But that’s not the point. It […]

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New Escort Directories in Asia – Forget Backpages and Craigslist

Ever since Backpages got seized by the US government and Craigslist started cracking down on ads for adult services, there’s been a void in the world of reliable escort directories.  It has taken a couple of years, but one company […]

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russian babe in bikini

Guide to finding Russian girls in Bangkok

Russian women are some of the hottest chicks you can find anywhere in the world. They’re internationally known as being real beauties. There are whole books and movies that center around their good looks and allure. But Russia itself is […]

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a sexy thai escort in lingerie

Why escorts are such a good option in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world to find women for sex. You have so many options! As a horny guy with a hard unit, you could easily spend a lifetime here and still not do it […]

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Are Thai girls racist?

Here’s a question that I get a lot. Even when it’s not being asked to me by someone I hear guys talking about it in the bars. Are Thai girls racist? Like anything else of this nature, there is not […]

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Thai girl waiting to be picked up

Three ways to improve your hookup game in Bangkok

Bangkok is still a great city and an easy place to meet Thai girls. But hooking up isn’t as easy as it used to be just a few years ago. More guys are coming into the country and Thai chicks […]

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