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Monger’s guide to Hong Kong

One of the great things about living in Thailand is that you have quick and easy access to all sorts of other Asian cities. There are two major international airports in Bangkok. You can fly from there to cities all over the Thailand, Asia and the world. And it usually doesn't cost a ton of dosh. Hong Kong is a major city that is easy to reach from here. And it's home to a lot of working girls, which means you never have to be lonely and longing for your Thai tirak (ที่รัก).

Not only is Hong Kong a major city that attracts women from all over Asia and the world. It is also a place where prostitution is legal with provisions enshrined in law. So as long as you hand your money over to a willing chick of legal age you don't have to worry about anything.

Mongering in Hong Kong

Now Hong Kong is not exactly known as a sex tourist destination. So you're not going to find anything like a Pattaya set up along the shores of the island city. Most of the stuff in Hong Kong is done with Hong Kong guys in mind. But that doesn't mean that they're refuse you just because you're from somewhere else. You'll find that most of the hookers in Hong Kong are actually from somewhere else too!

There is a touristic place that serves as a sort of red light district in Wan Chai. There are some bars there that are a mix between freelancer joints and go go bars. What you'll find inside are mainly Filipinas and Indonesians. You might even find some Thai girls. But you won't find any Hong Kongers. You'll also spend a lot of money including drinks and fees if you decide you want to take one of these chicks to your room. It's not really worth it, but I guess a lot of tourists and expat businessmen with cash to burn just don't care.

There's much better value in the massage parlors and the walk up brothels. At massage parlors like K-Pressure you can get full service including a great bareback blow from one of fifteen Chinese chicks for 500 Hong Kong Dollars. Or you can browse through all the hookers working out of walk ups like the Fuji Building. They also charge 500 HKD for a blow, bang and go. The Fuji Building babes are better looking on average than the K-Pressure chicks. But they're not as likely to give your backside a tongue lashing.

Escorts and freelancers

In most places escorts and freelancers are the most open to customers. You always have a chance of being refused entrance to a place of business. But escorts and freelancers normally want to make money. That's not always true in Hong Kong though.

There are actually tons of escorts in Hong Kong that advertise through a bunch of specialty Chinese sites. Then there are the street walkers you can find in particular areas, like around a famous temple of all places. But a lot of these chicks won't even talk to you if you aren't Chinese.

Luckily, there's Smooci which works just as good in Hong Kong as it does back in Bangkok! You can find a bunch of different women on Smooci in Hong Kong. There are even some Thai chicks mixed in with the Chinese women, Filipinas, and even farang! They all list their prices and their services so you know before you go. You won't find anyone for 500 Hong Kong Dollars there. But you can find some who ask as little as 800 HKD. Of course the model looking Ukrainian babes want more than double that. But that's to be expected!

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  1. White Guy In Japan July 26, 2021 at 7:24 pm #

    Mongering in HK is really cheap and clean. Also legal, I belueve. Lots of Thai girls available.

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