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How to find full service hookers in Tokyo

Do you want to know how to find full service hookers in Tokyo? You're not alone. You are pretty much surrounded by sex and sexuality in a lot of Tokyo. But unless you're Japanese you might have no idea about get sex instead of just kicked in the nuts by some dominatrix dressed up like Spider Man.

Japan is famous for weird stuff, and a big part of that is the "hentai" porn and comics, but it doesn't end there. There are tons of sex toy stores, porn theaters, strip clubs, blowjob bars and more. It's hard to get into a lot of this if you don't speak Japanese. But you might not care anyway once you know that Japan's legal prostitution involves everything except actual sex. Blow jobs, hand jobs and even anal is okay. But regular old vanilla intercourse isn't allowed. At least officially anyway. Today I'll you about all the ways you can still get full service in Japan.

Tokyo Soaplands

For whatever reason, full service is allowed to go on in the soaplands. Some people say this is because the soaplands are so old that the predate the current laws. Other people say you just pay for a bathing service so anything else that goes on is between you and the lady. But the same thing pretty much goes on every time and for everyone.

A soapland is basically just like a soapy massage in Bangkok. You pick a chick. Then she gives you a scrub down using both soap and her body. Then she starts blowing you and you either finish in the soap suds or on a dry bed. Soaplands aren't cheap, but they are good.

There are soaplands all over Tokyo. Sadly, most of them won't let you in as a foreigner who can't speak enough Japanese. Yoshiwara is the famous soapland district, and there are plenty there. I know that at least four of them will let you in, but you have to ask. And as a foreigner you might be limited in who you can choose. There are two soaplands that are actually made for foreigners though. One is Paradise in Yoshiwara. The other is Paradise in Kawasaki.

Tokyo Escorts

The next obvious choice for full service is to go with a Tokyo Escort. You can find escorts all over the world including countries in the middle east where even extra-marital sex is official forbidden. Tokyo has a lot of escorts, and most of them are more open to foreigners and doing full service.

You do have to make sure that you're booking an escort and not a "delivery health" girl though. Delivery health is a kind of legal outcall service in Japan. The chick shows up at your room, but she's not supposed to do anything more than give you a handie or blow you. Or she can at most give you the back door is "AF" for anal fuck is listed as one of her services. In reality, even some of the delivery health girls do full service but you never really know. You can get blacklisted from some places or worse for even asking.

Your best bet as a foreign dude in Tokyo is to go to Smooci. There you can browse through all the available foreign friendly escorts who will come right to your room. You can also see a list of services they do right up front, before you agree to anything. So you don't get caught out spending a few hundred quid for nothing more than a handjob and a kiss on the cheek. Unless of course that's the kind of thing you're into.

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