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move to thailand and be gay

Moving to Thailand will turn you Gay

Notice how many gays, lady boys, toms, lesbians there are in Thailand? Have you also noticed how many straight heterosexual guys there are that come to Thailand and end up sleeping with men? Now when I was young I was pretty prejudice, if […]

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Are Ladyboys and Toms Gay

Are Ladyboys and Toms Gay?

Ladyboys have been a fashion in Thailand forever and an emerging trend in Toms (the Ladyboy equivalent for when a girl dresses and acts like a boy) the question in my mind is “are Ladyboys and Toms gay or are […]

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Thai Girls Or Ladyboys

What’s more popular Thai girls or Ladyboys?

For many western men coming to Thailand is all about the Thai Girls, wanting to meet them, marry them, and hang out with them short time. Also when people think of Thailand they think first of the rows and rows […]

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Ladyboys In Thailand

Surpise Ladyboy Singer For Thailands Got Talent

When you what Thailands Got Talent you expect to see a Ladyboy of course, but when the ladyboy sings both equally well in both a mans voice and a womans voice you can be a little shocked, This girl/boy was […]

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The Types Of Ladyboys In Thailand

By age 13 in thailand a Thai person already knows their orientation at schools it’s quite evident what path one is going to go down. Quite like the western world really however Thai society seems to be a hotbed of […]

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Thailand Ladyboys Kathoey

For some the Thai ladyboy is the ultimate in ladyboys. There is something about many thai men that have such female features than any other race on the planet. I think thai culture is very forgiving as well when it […]

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