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Where to Buy Steroids in Thailand 2022 Thai Anabolics

Where to Buy Steroids in Thailand + 2024 Interview w/ Thai Anabolics

Below is part of an interview I had with Adrian, the owner of Thai Anabolics. Luckily, due to this website, I have a large network of people that I can reach out to in Thailand. So whatever catches my interest, […]

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Best Place to Buy Kamagra and Viagra in Thailand

This will be one of my shorter posts with advice on where to buy real Kamagra in Thailand without any hassle. About every week I have friends in Australia and the U.S. ask if I can buy and ship Kamagra […]

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Food Poisoning in Thailand

Food Poisoning in Thailand Cure it Yourself

Food poisoning in Thailand is a very common illness that affects everyone in Thailand not just tourists. Anyone who has lived in Thailand for a good period of time would have experienced at least a mild case. Typically symptoms include, […]

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Getting an ED Visa 2015

Clamp down on VISA’s? Hardly. The government has added more paperwork but the end result is still the same. I’ve been on an ED visa for 6 years and just came through the immigration checkpoint at the airport without a […]

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Two Gifts To Buy Yourself This Christmas

One thing I would love to see this Christmas is for YouTube to start allowing me to pay a monthly subscription so I don’t have to look at any more ads on the site. The google ads that pop up […]

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rape in Thailand

Rape in Thailand

The year 2014 I’ll remember forever as the year the most horrific rape and murders in Thailand that I’ve heard about, but rape is nothing new to Thailand I’ve documented a number of cases that were just horrible here on the […]

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Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

After years of construction and months of delays, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is finally set to open on July 31st. Pattaya is finally getting a new water park (and a few more still in the works). While Cartoon Network Amazone […]

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soapy massages bangkok

More Soapy Massages than Temples

They call Bangkok the City of Angels and at least in Thai that’s what it means, but to the outside world they call it the city of sex and there’s no shortage of answers why. One of those reasons is […]

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ruin your trip to Thailand

How To Ruin Your Trip To Thailand

How many people do you know who took a trip to Thailand, and didn’t like it? The answer is probably zero or close to it. Is that because Thailand is one of the easiest places to have a great trip? […]

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Renting a house in thailand

Renting in Thailand

One of the big worries people have about renting in Thailand is losing their deposit because let’s face it there’s plenty of Thai’s here they only see dollar signs when they meet a westerner. So get ready for this, if […]

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Warning Australian Pensioner Don't Get Married

Warning Australian Pensioner Don’t Get Married!

Recently I inquired what would happen to my pension if I married. The answer surprised me. In a nut shell it’s this; If in a defacto (common law) or legal marriage arrangement the pensioner will get a marriage pension which is […]

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Moving To Thailand

Read This Before Moving To Thailand

So you’ve figured out your finances maybe you’ve got a way to make money each month while living in Thailand be it a pension, rental income, online income, or maybe you’ve just saved up enough money to take a year […]

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benefits of muay thai

Top 5 Benefits of Learning Muay Thai

If you’ve heard about the combat sport Muay Thai and are interested in learning this great martial art from Thailand, there is no better way to study this than from the masters in its country of origin. Aside from getting […]

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Chiang Mai Health Care

Chiang Mai Health Care

I write this from the perspective of a 50 year old Caucasian male who lived in the upper Midwest up until February of this year, when I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had my share of experience with the […]

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Thailand Confidential

30 day Thai Visa at Thailand borders

Well good news for land border visa runners this week with Thai immigration confirming that they will now hand out 30 days visa’s for people who cross by land. This is certainly going to save people a lot of time […]

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muay thai strikes

Muay Thai’s Trademark Strikes

Muay Thai’s long and interesting history is deeply rooted in Thailand, and it is practiced both in military combat and as a competitive sport. For many centuries, Thai natives trained in Muay Thai, regardless of their social status and economic […]

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