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No ATM Fees in Thailand

Take Money Out in Thailand without ATM Fees

Are you still getting hit by the 180 baht ATM fees the Thai banks charge you? Did you know that there are hundreds of ATM locations around Thailand that won’t charge you ANY Fees to withdraw money. I’m making a […]

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thailand making you fat

Is Thailand Making you Fat?

When I first moved to Thailand almost 5 years ago I was 72kg, 4 years on I weighed 82 kilograms. At least for me Thailand made me fat. I always thought that coming to Thailand I would lose weight! If […]

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Big C Bike Price

GPX Racing Price List Thailand 2013

So where do you buy a cheap motocross bike in Thailand?. BIG C of course! Don’t let the BIG C turn you off though if you want a cheap motocross bike this is exactly what you need. GPX does have […]

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Ducati Thailand Price List

Ducati Thailand Price List 2013

If you’re looking for something flash to drive around in Thailand that’ll turn heads without looking like a full Motard you can’t go wrong with a Ducati. The Ducati Monster is made in Thailand and is the cheapest model starting […]

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ktm thailand

KTM Thailand Price Guide 2013

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of KTM in Thailand. It’s not exactly a popular road bike among Thais but these are very popular for supermoto fans. The problem with KTM Thailand is they only have stock of  a […]

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mistakes you can make in Thailand

10 mistakes newbies make in Thailand

I’ve made so many mistakes in Thailand some that cost me money, others pride but they are mistakes I’m glad I made and even though I’ve written this list you’re probably going to make some of the same mistakes. Most of the […]

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Best Places to enjoy Songkran Festival 2013

Best Places to enjoy Songkran Festival 2013

Still don’t know what to do for the Thailand Songkran Festival April 2013 it’s right around the corner now but if you still don’t know what your doing or want to know what’s on Songkran at different places around Thailand […]

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ship bike from chiang mai to pattaya

How to ship your Bike through the Thai Post Office

I’ve decided to spend a few months in Pattaya actually it might be more like 6 months i’m still not sure, after last year in Pattaya I realized I didn’t have any real goals except to break up with my […]

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Thai ED Visa Vientiane

How to get a Thai ED Visa in Vientiane Laos

Laos is between Cambodia and Thailand on the economic scale and while it’s a very safe place to visit. Loas was once the brothel capital asia but these days you’ll find that Thailand has way more action and cheaper. You’ll […]

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Blueprint for living in Thailand

Blueprint for living in Thailand

Are you moving to Thailand? Unsure of many things? If you are like most you’re probably spending a lot of time reading boring forums with outdated information. But what if you could get all the information in one simple quick […]

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A realistic budget for the first year in Thailand

A realistic budget for the first year in Thailand

There is so much information out there that it’s hard to know exactly how much money you REALLY need to live in Thailand. Depending on where you live in Thailand, and your proximity to a city center, your accommodation budget […]

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How to open a USA bank account and launder money

How to open a USA bank account with no money

I have to give the good old save my ass clause on this article so where we go. The following information is for informational purposes only. The author does not endorse or encourage the practical use of anything you may […]

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private eye in Chiang Mai

The Best Private Investigator in Chiang Mai

Looking to do a bit of business espionage or perhaps you just want to know who your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you with so you can serve justice then you might be in need of a private investigator. Unlike […]

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Strange Signs on Nimmanhaemin Road

Where to live around Nimmanhaemin Road

Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai is what I like to call the “Thai Tourist Area” while Tapae has the “Farang Tourists” Nimman has the Thai tourists. And while most of the younger Thai tourists might not stay on Nimman they […]

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central hill place prices

Living Behind Chiang Mai University – Suthep

When you walk around the old city you’ll probably ask yourself “where are all the young people?”. If your a young Thai don’t work more than likely you study at any number of Universities in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai University […]

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The Hidden Internet

How to access the Underground Internet

Just because you don’t see it on google search results doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact just below the surface of the internet is an underground world full of all kinds of banned literature, videos, pictures from child porn, […]

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