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Public Holidays & Festivals for Thailand 2013

Public Holidays & Festivals for Thailand 2013

One of the most interesting holidays they have in Thailand is the Ploughing ceromony, while it’s not exactly a Public Holiday the Public does come out in droves to see it live as well as whatching on TV. While I’ve […]

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President Obama comes to Thailand

Fresh off of his re-election victory, President Obama will be coming to Thailand in less than a week. The President is due to arrive in Thailand some time on Sunday (though time and date not yet officially confirmed) during a […]

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Where to pay your water and electric in Chiang Mai

Where to pay your water and electric in Chiang Mai

I went away for a few weeks and when I came back the electric and water was a day overdue so I had to go to the electric and water authority to pay the bill because when it’s overdue you […]

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Would you get Plastic Surgery in Thailand?

I had a conversation with a young friend of mine recently about plastic surgery in Thailand. We talked about the obvious advantages of being able to get your girlfriend or wife some procedures done at a cheap price. But once […]

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Thai Guys don't respect you

Thai Guys don’t respect you!

Do you know who your Thai girlfriend is talking to? If you live in Thailand and have a Thai girl be sure to keep in mind that hundreds of Thai guys are likely hitting on her every month! More than […]

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Losing face in Thailand is BS

Often times when I get into conversations with guys at the bar, I let them share all of their “expertise” while I just sit back and listen. Naturally everyone thinks they’re an expert, but I’m not very confrontational so I […]

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I got robbed at an ATM in Pattaya

I’m sure you’ve heard about some ATM fraud going around in Thailand, specifically Pattaya. And I’m sure the information went in one ear and out the other. Well, I was a victim this past week and it was a huge […]

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Renting Vs. Owning in Thailand

The debate on whether or not you should rent or own a place in Thailand is always a hot topic amongst settled Expats. We can examine a pro’s and con’s list of each and then see which side of the […]

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How much does it cost to get by in Thailand?

As a follow up to the article entitled, “How much does it cost to live well in Thailand,” I felt it was necessary to share my thoughts on what it would cost to live decently in Thailand. You might find […]

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Anyone Else Tired of Thai beers?

Europe is loaded with amazing beers and the craft beer scene in the U.S. is exploding. Even chain restaurants carry seasonal ales and give you a decent selection. A trip to the Supermarket or liquor store is like going to […]

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How much does it cost to live well in Thailand?

There are lots of articles out there that go over a budget in Thailand where you can get by for 20,000-30,000 Baht per month. Since many Thai’s don’t even make half that as a salary it’s certainly possible to live […]

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How to get WiFi Internet in Thailand for 99 baht a month

No surprises that Thailand has a half decent Internet infrastructure especially since Bangkok is known as the most Facebook connected city in the world with more people logging onto Facebook than any other city. But how do you think all […]

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Condoms in Thailand

There is no dumber question than, “Why wouldn’t you have used a condom with her?” This is the question your buddy stupidly asks you after you fess up to making a mistake the previous night. We all know the pros […]

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Viagra or Kamagra in Thailand

It’s certainly not surprising that sexual performance aids, such as Viagra and Cialis, are a cash cow for pharmacies in touristy areas of Thailand. With a little searching around anyone can pretty quickly find themselves authentic Viagra and Cialis pills, […]

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Do people understand why we live in Thailand?

There is a certain type of person that Thailand just agrees with. Whether you vacation in Thailand or you live in Thailand as an ex-pat, you are most likely one of these people. To me it seems so obvious why […]

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What it is like to living in Thailand

What it’s really like living in Thailand

For many a guy (and some girls) living in Thailand is the ultimate dream yet it remains a dream for so many out there because they just can’t do it. Whether it be commitments like kids a house or otherwise […]

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