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Zoe Bar Moving

Finally the land has sold and the Zoe bar is moving! April next year and the party is moving. Where to? JJ Market! Actually all the bars are going to have to move, but will they all? Some owners are […]

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Condom on a Stick Thailand

When I think about sex education I think about a comprehensive sex education program that doesn’t just talk about condoms but the pill, diseases etc etc. Can someone please tell me WTF this video is for and are they serious? […]

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breakfast with the boys

Ignorant Aussie Exposes Police Corruption In Thailand – Not

A video uploaded by Australian man claims he was subject to assault and police corruption after being stopped by police. He claims they asked for 1000 baht for not wearing a helmet when in fact he was wearing one. None of […]

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Thai School Kids Having Sex At School

When you ask people around the world what they think of Thailand and inevitably the first thing that comes to mind is that Thai people are super sexual and love to fuck. I guess this is because of the red […]

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Girl and House Package 5.5 million

You’ve heard of buying a house for a Thai girl and the house goes in her name, well what if you bought the house and she came with it but you own the house? Bit hard to explain but this […]

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Video of American Falls to his death in Pattaya

An American male aged 55 just fell off the 27th floor landed right near the pool. he wrote a letter before jumped said that he ran out of money, his visa is expired and express a wish to live in […]

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Dildo Prank at Chiang Mai University

Must be the Moon Eclipse this week as people lose their senses and enter the world of the daft, the video I just saw is of another expat Farang gone mental. What was supposed to be a prank comes off […]

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Killing yourself in Thailand

Today there was another jumper death in Chiang Mai (see picture below) this happened this afternoon at a shop on Loi Kroh. I couldn’t imagine killing myself and doing it this way just seems I dunno, painful? Most people might see a […]

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interview with thai immigration

Interview with Thai Immigration

There’s few people I follow online in Thailand mostly because I don’t respect that they know what they are talking about but there’s one guy I do follow. An American in Bangkok. Scott is exactly like my style, straight and […]

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3 People Now dead at Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon

Not the first time someone has died at the Canyon but for the 3rd time in 12 months someone has died at what expats sometime called the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon but is just an old quarry that has become popular […]

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Changes in Chiang Mai a Year on

Chiang Mai is changing all the time but because it happens at a gradual pace when you look at the subtle differences each day you kind of don’t really see things happening. I was going through some old posts fixing […]

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thailand dome home

Guy Builds Dome Home in Thailand for $6000

Building a home can be a daunting task but adventurist Steve seems to have found a cheap easy alternative, build it yourself! 2 million baht for a cheap condo or 180,000 baht for a Dome. While I don’t think it’s practical […]

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miss thailand universe 2014

Miss Thailand Universe 2014, Is this a joke?

So yesterday i sent out the Thai girls of the week which was actually contestants from last years Miss Universe Thailand. Now the results for Miss universe Thailand 2014 are in i’m just dumbfounded. What the hell are the judges […]

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chinese takes a dump in the moat

Chinese Takes a dump in the Moat

The stories lately about the Chinese bad behaviour in Chiang Mai continues with a photo of an apparent Chinese tourist in Chiang Mai taking a dump in the moat. Does the photo really show what appears to be a lady […]

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Krelo Club Karoake Chiang Mai

Americans in Hospital after Savage Karaoke Attack

Two american men recovered in hospital after a savage beating by Karoake staff at the Krelo Karaoke Chang Klan Chiang Mai. Yesterday at approximately 8:30am 18th of January 2014 Chiang Mai police received a call of help from 2 american […]

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English girls walking naked around a temple in Chiang Mai

This afternoon police in Chiang Mai were called to Wat Phra Sing in the center of Chiang Mai that there were 3 foriegn girls walking around the temple dressed in nothing but bikinis. The police escorted 2 of the girls […]

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