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Zoe Bar Moving

Finally the land has sold and the Zoe bar is moving! April next year and the party is moving. Where to? JJ Market! Actually all the bars are going to have to move, but will they all? Some owners are talking about moving on and well I don't blame them, many tourists don't know about the Zoe area and happen to stumble upon it or go there because it's walking distance to their guesthouse/hostel/hotel. Will it survive the move?

As I understand it the land which is one of the biggest underdeveloped plots of land in the old city sold for a staggering 600+ million baht. What's to become of the land? it's anyone's guess but the bars have to move. Songkran being the last party.

It was bound to happen and to be honest I hope that it's the end of the bar that has seen more incidents of thuggery than any other bar in the city.

Are people really going to go to JJ Market? Tuk Tuk drivers are salivating over the news.

I think they are going to have problems there as noise is going to be a huge issue with many residential apartments behind it.

I'm hoping they build a supermarket on the land as I live at Thapae gate myself, but really what on earth are they going to put on that land that will get them 600 million baht back. You can't build anything over 4 stories in the old story so options are limited.

Who knows, maybe Loi Kroh will be the next spot?

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3 Responses to Zoe Bar Moving

  1. Mike August 19, 2017 at 1:55 pm #

    China town. There are enough Chinese tourists (and growing) to support it. But seriously a mall is most likely. Asians love malls and if they can keep the liquor licences just reopen similar clubs like Zeos or something 😛

  2. Bob Sumner September 4, 2017 at 3:07 pm #

    From what I’ve heard, liquor licenses are site specific. Means they may not reappear anywhere.

  3. Mark September 6, 2017 at 1:58 pm #

    it’s not moving to JJ Market, it’s moving to an empty plot of land about 500 metres down the road (toward the city centre)

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