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Dildo Prank at Chiang Mai University

Must be the Moon Eclipse this week as people lose their senses and enter the world of the daft, the video I just saw is of another expat Farang gone mental. What was supposed to be a prank comes off as tasteless.

The Video:

The crude video attempts at humor seem at odds with Thai Culture and their sense of respect. Maybe he didn't read yesterdays posters.I think Thai people would take offence at their sons and daughters being pranked into picking up and handling a fake penis. After the guy starts inquiring to whether or not some of the pranked young Thai men are gay makes me wonder where the dildo has been.

I've seen some other funnier pranks like the POV one the other year (send me the link), that shit was hilarious, and no one had to pick up a fake cock. Maybe I just don't get it, I'd rather watch people blow shit up.

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One Response to Dildo Prank at Chiang Mai University

  1. KennyN October 11, 2014 at 8:09 am #

    Agree… This prank on Loi Kroh with bar girls, ladyboys, and tourist would actually be quite funny in my opinion… Doing this with Thai students, completely tasteless….

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