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Homeless Guys in Pattaya

Hey Guys welcome to the first new installment of the Thai Girl of the Week posts. If you didn't get the email basically I've started working with the Thai Police here in Chiang Mai so my time has become pretty limited along with my other online ventures so over the coming months you'll see less new content on the site and more updates to the existing content that's already been written and this new Thai girl of the week series. Many guys have written in Telling me how they used to enjoy when i first started doing the Thai girl of the week email newsletters so I'm bringing it back.

Thai Girl of the Week

Cute Thai Girl

Click to view Her Profile on Thai Love Web

Username: Noiiznazananoiiz
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Location: Nong Wua So, Udon Thani
Height: 5' 5" - 165cm
Weight: 101 lbs - 46 kg
Body Type: Athletic
Education: Bachelors Degree
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Smoking: No
Drinking: Only in company
Ethnicity: Asian
English ability: Good
Have Children: Don't have Children

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Movie of the Week

This movie will make you think about how technology and especially the internet has really changed our world and not always for the better. View Torrent.

Thailand Book Of The Week

Chiang Mai


The Vagabond's Guide To Chiang Mai

If you were coming to Chiang Mai and wanted to know about all the nightlife you'd more than likely end up on this blog. But if you wanted to know about the tourist attractions and the ins and outs you'll look for a good travel guide and that's where the Vagabond's Guide to Chiang Mai makes it to this weeks Thai book of the week. Inside you'll find great tips about Chiang Mai it's a very well written book.



Song of the week - Timber (Pitbull ft. Kesha)

I was going to start this week off with a Thai song but nothing Thai really got me this week, so instead a new song playing the clubs this week. Timber! View Torrent.

News of the week - Homeless in Thailand

Lots of talk this week about Homeless Foreigners in Thailand, Pattaya being the Mecca for bums. Start the video at 3:38

Question of the Week

Q  how's it goin bro....u got some interesting adventures...can u tell me couple things,like can i bring electronic stuff from usa. is it 220 there? can a converter be purchased cheap/easy?  i heard electronics r high $ over there...want to bring my
badass sound system; can't live without my music.  thanks Gil.

A Yeah Gil electronics are fine to bring over actually buy anything like that you think you'll need BEFORE you get here. The outlets are the same size as it is in the USA  but the voltage is different. But getting a 3 pronged outlet EVERYWHERE is problematic. Just remember that the electric is 220 here USA is 120 so you'll need a converter but often things like Laptops are able to do do either (check the cord for something like 120-240 volts).

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One Response to Homeless Guys in Pattaya

  1. Joh October 27, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    Heard some about the homeless ppl living around in Jomtien previously, seen some on the British docu’s too. Don’t think this is a problem back here in CM .. Plenty of people with a slim wallet however 😉

    Respect to Neo and others like him.

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