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Another Thai website taken offline

The owners of www.Kapoosa.com are in hot water today after learning of a class action lawsuit that may be taken upon them. The Kapooosa service was a sort of pay to use forum website were members would pay a monthly fee so they could browse and post on the website. Now the website was mostly for older wealthy Thai's to find young willing sideline girls as well as Thai swinging couples. If the website activities weren't enough what they did was use a Ms Adom (a Thai superstar) picture to endorse the activities and invite customers to join up to the site.

Ms Adom says the damage made to her image is worth an estimated 5 million baht! And that is the amount she is suing for. The owners of the website have admitted fault and taken the website off immediately. If you were a paying member well, tough luck you won't get your money back, i already tried!

Another Thai website taken offline

Another Thai website taken offline

This news story was translated from the article here.

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  1. K January 27, 2013 at 2:52 pm #

    Are there any other websites like that still online? ;p

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