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Sex in Chiang Mai

I can always tell the guys who are new to prostitution, when Mamasan lines up the girls in Karaoke or Soapy Massage Parlors and the guy asks to talk to them first. One of the best parts of being with a prostitute is you don't have to talk to them if you don't want to. It's typically the guys that can't speak Thai that would ask to talk to them which often makes no sense since you can't communicate! If you speak Thai it's likely you'd know what's going on and pick one. The truth is there's not much to talk about except the price.

Because of the freelancing bar girls I often think that guys don't even believe it's prostitution. You walk into a bar talk to a girl have some drinks meet a girl and take her home, you give her some money and she leaves, yes you are always paying her to leave!

Sex in ChiangMai

A Monger is someone who I think of as an experienced prostitute hunter, they are able to sniff out pussy for sale no matter where they are. Mongers are all around you in Thailand you're probably good friends with one now and don't even know it. For a lot of mongers they can't be open about who they are because the shame that society will place on them. People go as far as taking photos only at temples and playing golf everyday to prove they weren't whoring around. Doesn't matter what city you're in, whoremongers are there.  They probably change their web status to say "lives in Hong Kong" or update their Facebook page in Florida, they probably have a job teaching students or an online reputation they don't want tarnished. Of all those guys, 80% of them, have paid for prostitutes.

Some guys get fooled into paying for a prostitute not realizing until the next morning when she's demanding money or getting 500 baht for a taxi but instead jumps on a bus, there are many ways one can unwittingly go with a prostitute in Thailand, amazingly many prostitutes in Thailand will even sleep with you for free!

I think the cost of sex is all relative and open to interpretation. Some say sex in Chiang Mai is expensive yet I was in Nana Plaza the other night the girl wanted 2500 short time 700 baht bar fine and the short time rooms upstairs were 300 or 350 can't remember the exact room cost but the point is after a few drinks and an hour with her it cost me 5000 baht. Whereas in Chiang Mai you can get sideline girls for 1500 bar girls as low as 1000 and short time rooms for 120 go go girls for 2500 and Karaoke girls for 2000-3500 with none of the hassle you feel when you're in Bangkok or Pattaya. Actually you can get those prices in Bangkok just as easy, I just used Nana as an example.

I love Karaoke, Bangkok is the best place but Chiang Mai is also very good. If you've seen around the places with a KTV sign, these are the Karaoke Houses people always talk about getting robbed at. But it's typically that the guys had never been before and asked to "talk to them first". The KTV places you don't have to get anyone drinks or even sing karaoke. Walk in and make sure you ask the mamason only for the girls that do OT (overtime) personally I typically hand the Mamasan 500 baht for taking care everything for me but that's entirely up to you. Don't be deterred if one place isn't helpful, leave and try the next place, if you're worried about cost never order a drink just ask for Girls who do OT and don't sit down. Remember you enter one of these places at your risk, these places and what goes on in them is typically illegal. It's also a good idea to know where the short time hotels are first before going.

If you watch the following video you'll see a claim that there are 5000 prostitutes working in Chiang Mai. While that seems high it's probably about right if you include sidelines. Contrary to popular belief, the western sex tourist or sexpat is only a small percentage of the overall sex trade in Chiang Mai, it's the Chinese, Malaysians, Japanese and Thai's, mostly Thai's, that pay for sex in Thailand, obviously because these races make up the bulk of people here as well.  White guys are always looking for free pussy, a lot of the tourists who come here are the kind of guys who's best night out would be a girl buying him drinks and then shagging her in the hostel toilet while fucked up on buckets.

Out of the 5000 prostitutes in Chiang Mai most of the best looking ones are in Karaoke but since most of the girls are new to the profession it's harder for a westerner (or African) to go to these places because the girls "are scared of Farang". What it boils down to is the girls are scared you have a big dick and they can't communicate with you. The way around this is either to speak very good Thai or spend some time liquoring her up inside the room.

The Karaoke scene has changed a lot at least here in Chiang Mai the prices have gone up considerably typically averaging 260-300 baht an hour for the girl plus added drink fees and Mamasan charges. Girls now have to stand inside the doorways instead of waving down traffic on the road which was a little tacky in fact Chang Klan road would have accidents every night because people were getting distracted! But the amount of girls selling sex in Chiang Mai Karaoke's has increased 3 fold. Well to do Thai's and Expats as well as businessmen and foolish tourists spend millions of baht a night in these establishments across Chiang Mai.

While the video says the girls are aged 13-18 that's just nonsense, remember she only spent a month here. I'd say the average age is 19 but yes there are instances of girls who start in the industry at 14. At this age their parents probably can't afford to send them to school anymore and through an underground network are coaxed into one of these places. Sad as that is it's very rare that a girl that age is hooking, she's more likely just dancing as in the case of a Coyote House or as a PR girl at Karaoke. It's also difficult for any Thai to get a job under 18 so for most young women in struggling families this is the only option. That is life.

Most of the girls working in Karaoke make around 15,000 baht a month that's without turning tricks. This is double what the girls could get working a regular job. A lot of the Karaoke houses put pressure on the girls to go with customers, drunk with lack of judgment, girls with less willpower unwittingly become prostitutes.

I think if you're going to be a whoremonger here or anywhere you really can't think about what it's like to be her, when you start care soon enough you stop whoring.

I don't understand why all these missionary people keep coming here trying to save the world turning people to Christ and getting them out of the bars. There's enough problems in your own country than to come here and try and save people. There's 5000 prostitutes in Chiang Mai, woop dee doo, have you ever been to Vegas? I could understand if your country was hooker free and you wanted to make this place hooker free too but it isn't, you wasted your time.

The different sex scenes in Thailand I don't look at as having certain advantages or disadvantages more like different opportunities. A whoremonger in Chiang Mai will go through all different fazes, from bringing girls up from Bangkok, trying the local brothels to spending late nights at the bars and spicy. Soapy massage parlors are always popular and almost always a let down. Thai brothels for the adventurous or the Nightclubs for those with local tastes. There must be 80,000 girls studying at any of the local Chiang Mai university and technical colleges most of whom would love a sponsor and can be found on the dating sites. There is a surprisingly large swingers group who informally meet each other if you're ever down that road I sugget you check adultfriendfinder.com

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

22 Responses to Sex in Chiang Mai

  1. jack October 13, 2014 at 7:08 am #

    The puritannical do gooders have a holiday at the expense of charity on a crusade that will achieve nothing but to coax money from other bleeding hearts to fund their pointless mission.
    Imagine if they knew the real deal with local prostitution and the real horrors those poor trafficked girls endure and that this makes up 85-90% of the entire game but ofcourse the superficial wins the day to these creeps who have had their head up their arse all their ridiculous lives.
    They always leave out the young women who see it as an esy way to make good $ who began having sex as soon as she developed (which is not unusual) and would be giving it away for free anyway as far as shes concerned and had finished school at twelve been working on the farm or in a factory for two , three or five years had many partners or a few long term relationships possibly a child and was just as wordly with more nouse than most foreingers would have at age 30.These girls would have played the christians very well hopefully got some green out of em.
    Fat yanks stay in the bible belt where you belong and where you can do the least damage.
    There are alot of these biggoted highly viseceral videos goen around, easy to make trafficking humans is the new buzz word from the U.N franchises and greatly exaggerated.
    Freelancers and sideliners represent the best value and then theres always enough free stuff goen around. An 18yr old with a 65 yr so what.I m gonna make a video a real one.

  2. Steve October 13, 2014 at 11:22 pm #

    Honestly, I want to punch that chubby American cunt right in the head. She knows nothing. NOTHING. The hidden camera Kareko they were shooting in pays the girl a base salary of 50,000b a month. Yea, those poor adult women. Where else are they going to earn that kind of money with no or little education? It’s not even worth writing a long post about, all of you know what the deal is, she is full of shit and needs to return to her home country and eat more McDonalds and sleep out to get the next iWhatever. Guys leave their home country so they don’t have to deal with cows like her. It’s convenient they disabled the comments on that video, because they know it is BS.

  3. Theequation October 14, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

    The Soapy Massage is straight forward, and though I had a bad experience with a girl the one time I tried it in CM, I had good times in Pattaya on several occasions. The ‘freelancers’ or ‘bar girls’ scene here doesn’t seem clear to me at all. Admittedly, I don’t go out a lot, but I’ve been here almost two years, and the times I’ve spent in Loi Kroh joints haven’t made things any clearer. Seems to me that a lot of the girls are only there to bring you in and get you to buy them drinks, I’ve never even had the suggestion, or hint of anything else.

    I made several trips to San Jose, Costa Rica, before moving here, and there it’s much easier there. They’ve got ‘massage parlors/spas’ which are flat fee, massage, maybe a sauna and full sex. Then there’s several bars which are known to be prostitute bars, the Hotel Del Rey being the most famous. You go into one of these joints and if a girl is sitting alone, smiles at you or approaches you, she IS a pro, there’s no question about it, all that’s left is to negotiate a price. Also a handful of hotels that have girls in the bar, and it’s a flat fee for girl and room for an hour.

    Seems very simple by comparison. Here, it’s kind of vague. If there ARE specific bars in CM where there absolutely are prostitutes, I do not yet know which bars those are…

    • ChiangMaiGuy October 17, 2014 at 10:13 am #

      you gotta be joking? EVERY bar in Loi Khro has working girls. I have lived in CM for years and been down Loi Khro many times and it’s EVERYWHERE in fact I cannot recall meeting a non-working girl down there and that includes all the ‘cashiers’ etc.

      • Chris October 19, 2014 at 11:31 am #

        I think what he means is you don’t sit down and the lady says girls are 1000 baht short time which one you want, you really gotta sit there and put it out there and say it yourself. If you compare Loi Kroh to say Phnom Phen it’s night and day. There you sit down and the girls come up and say ten dollars or whatever it costs these days. In the end I think you’d agree that you really need to hold a Thai’s hand to get through the most mundane of chores which may including doing their job. Everywhere else in the world you hang around prostitution and prostitutes solicit themselves to you. Here it’s meh you gotta solicit it from them. Chiang Mai might just be too laid back for Theequation.

        • ChiangMaiGuy October 22, 2014 at 11:34 am #

          well that’s true Chris it’s not THAT blatant and I’m glad it isn’t as I find it ‘off putting’ for a girl to come right out and say it.

          Just back from Patts and had a blast and obviously more blatant down there but still not “Hi I’m 1500” which is good I think but just about everyone is available as you know.

          If they like you and you’re not just another groping, fat and smelly farang you always get better service (i have found).

      • Theequation October 19, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

        Hey, this is all good news as far as I’m concerned. I mean I’m not joking, but like Chris says below, I may be too laid back, and that’s why I’ve been having a mediocre experience. But believe me, I’m gonna make a better effort. Being able to speak the native language is clearly a lot more important here than it was in Central America. And I have been trying to learn more Thai but as any English speaker knows this language is a tough one…at at least for me it is.

        • ChiangMaiGuy October 22, 2014 at 11:29 am #

          well… ok… just say “do you go outside”? they’ll get the message and I cannot imagine anyone saying “no” unless they don’t like you, are on the “men” or like tom boys (in fact they will still normally go) lol

          going rates 1500 ST 2000 LT have fun

  4. Kreyzig October 14, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

    what the fuck Chris? I’m Malaysian and I’m offended when you said most of them whoremongers in Chiang Mai are my comrades….

    Most of them prefer Hat Yai instead due to closer proximity (an hour away from the border)

    protip: Malaysians are actually consistently the no.2 largest tourist contributor to Thailand (most of them entering through the land border in the south). Japan used to be no. 1 but now has been overtaken by the Chinese (mainlanders and Hongkies too I think)

    But I reckoned Malaysians should be no. 1 if you consider the amount who enters illegally or by using the border pass (technically restricts you to about 100km from the border but some do ended up all the way to the golden triangle with nothing more than just that piece of border pass paper)

    • ujealousofwhitebastard October 16, 2014 at 1:22 pm #

      Oh, please. When I was in college, I had quite a few friends who were Malaysian. Splendid guys. They affable, reliable friends. We had great times. By “great times,” I mean that we drank and chased pussy. My Malay buddies had hollow legs for all the booze they could drink and a perpetual hard-on for poontang. You know what? I think no less of them for that. In fact, their honesty was refreshing. Since we went to school in a small, Midwestern town, they would often go to Chicago to find “professional” company. I would have gone, too, but I didn’t have that kind of cash and I had a weekend job to support myself while in school.

      Therefore, given how relatively close Thailand is to your country, I have no problem believing that you randy chaps would hop over there to get your dicks wet. Good for you! Just be honest about it.

      BTW, Malaysian chicks loved white dick. Just sayin’.

  5. jake October 19, 2014 at 8:56 am #

    As a general rule, never ever look at anything written by or filmed with a white chick, dealing with topics other than purses and shoes. You’re always going to feel just a little dumber, and a lot more annoyed.

    • rich January 8, 2015 at 9:47 pm #

      Haha, great rule. I spoke to a woman in the PI the other day about how I just don’t date white women anymore and she was amazed, and I’m still a bit surprised at her reaction, considering she can see how good guys have it over here. American and European women are so used to having the assholes licked whenever they want it they just can’t imagine there’s a place in the world where a man doesn’t have to grovel to get pussy unless the women are being chained to walls by sadistic assholes.

  6. Realist October 23, 2014 at 9:27 pm #

    These worldchangers are so funny, i Always think that these stupid hags don’t get dick at all and are so frigging jealous that they have to put there frustrations on youtube or wherever they try to send a message out, But what they are really trying to say is i wish i was 16 again, Now i am to old with saggy boobs, big ass butt and worn out body and no man will look at me or touch me, You’r damn right i wouldn’t even touch you even if you were the last one on earth! So next time take your holiday to a monastery and bitch about that! Thanks for the update though now we all now where to go in the future visiting Chiang Mai, Dumbass.

    • whiteman March 3, 2015 at 5:33 pm #

      yeah, these fucking christian women should do a tour and fuck some of those dirty old priests at the vatican

  7. Realist October 23, 2014 at 11:13 pm #

    Well for someone who promotes whoring and prostitution not to mention the offencive attitude among Thai culture and beliefs, Not to mention the picture posted in the beginning of this topic, I am truly amazed that you didn’t post my comment, Looks like the Thai way has got to you as well regarding to double standards.
    I thought freedom of speech was something you would admire but clearly i was wrong.
    Oh well i got used to that over the years with people who pretend to have a open mind and opinion but the fact is they only publish the things what suits them best, In this case you’r way off regarding you’r beliefs and the way you pretend to be its clear to me that its just pretending in the long run, Maybe its because that you think you’r such a good guy who has so much respect for a women in general that you wouldn’t dare to add a comment wich could offend a women in general, How about that regarding to double standards, No need to comment on my comment cause its not even worth the reading if you have a attitude like that, That means that whatever you say is general bullshit coming from a man who in fact is no more then a spoiled brat with puberal insight that can change by the minute.

    • Chris October 24, 2014 at 4:21 pm #

      No idea what comment your talking about, maybe it went to spam.

  8. mick October 29, 2014 at 4:27 pm #

    Realist maybe did not refresh the page & see his comment was posted

  9. Realist November 11, 2014 at 11:11 pm #

    I stand corrected and apologize, Just because i can be a dick sometimes doesn’t mean that if i have made a wrong and uncalled for comment and judgement i just let it go as if nothing happend like most people do when they are in the wrong, So here you go Chris I am sorry, Maybe it doesn’t mean that much to you or anybody else for that matter but it means something to me cause in this case i was wrong.

  10. Pascal December 10, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    what about sex with non-pros though? Ive been here 6 weeks and find it suprisingly hard to get laid. only banged 2 girls so far and they were not really great looking :/ online most chicks are ugly and flaky as hell, daygame chicks are flaky too and in clubs like infinity the talent is insane but they will hardly even talk to me. btw Im white, 6ft. 4 and not a helpless case… TBH I was getting more pussy back home lol. can you give some pointers chris? do I need to speak thai to get anywhere with the hot girls? it just seems alot easier in bangkok

    • Chris December 10, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

      Chiang Mai and Bangkok are two completely different animals. I’m finding the same game I had in Chiang Mai isn’t working as well in Bangkok. I suffered the same problem your having in Chiang Mai, it took me years to figure out and during those years I could speak Thai. Chiang Mai girls are mostly from the country even Chiang Mai itself is a country town but most of the hottest girls here come from Chiang Rai, this means one thing “scared”. Thais are scared people and the more country you are the more scared you are. Being a tall guy is immediately “scary”. I don’t have that problem “shorty”. I know a 19 y/o loves tall guys so you should send me an email and i’ll hook you up. But back on the scared thing, the easiest way to make someone “not scared of you” is to make them laugh, like anywhere bro make a girl laugh and you’re in. I wrote an article somewhere about Mr Bean hopefully that helps you out http://www.livingthai.org/why-mr-bean-is-the-biggest-playboy-in-thailand.html

      • active75 December 15, 2014 at 1:06 am #

        hey chris sounds good Ill take you up on that! 🙂

        ill send you an email I guess its chris at livingthai.org?

        • Chris December 19, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

          you got it!

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