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New Spice Club in Chiang Mai

For anyone who has partied late into the night in Chiang Mai will know of Spicy, the late night club that is open when all others are closed. Now Spice has a new name and a new location formerly the Spicy club is now the Spice club Chiang Mai.

Still as rowdy as ever, and dangerous too. I walked into the new club about 2 am and within 5 minutes of entry a fight had broken out with the bar girls that were crowding the lower floor. The scuffle was quickly dispersed and it seemed that all the girls had gone out side. Quickly after though the place was full again with people drinking and dancing.

The new location is just down the road from the old location a couple doors down from the famous Mikes burger. The location is probably better because the road gets few cars at that time of day. Inside there is two stories now with a stair case that leads to the top. There is adequate fire escape though I didn't check to see if you could exactly escape. I'm always worried about that sort of thing.One good thing about the new place is there are cameras everywhere and the place doesn't get too dark, I say this is good because the place has a reputation even if it's in a new building it's still the same old crowd.

The women who go to Spice are mostly working girls looking to score a few extra baht before the sun comes up. So if your looking for that sure go there, just don't expect anything that looks good, in fact I'd have to say that the majority of girls in this place are downright ugly. Occasionally you might find a good one, really depends on your standards.

Don't come here before 2am in the morning because no one will be here.

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Click here for map to Spicy nightclub

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3 Responses to New Spice Club in Chiang Mai

  1. beh September 9, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    thanks for good updates

  2. Gaz February 18, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    Completely out of Date Chris, Spicy has moved back to its original location on the Moat so the above information is about 6 months out of date.

    • Chris February 18, 2014 at 7:10 am #

      Actually it’s longer than 6 months. The post date is at the top of this article. For a complete Up to date list check out the page chiang mai nightclub page

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