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Ducati Thailand Price List 2013

If you're looking for something flash to drive around in Thailand that'll turn heads without looking like a full Motard you can't go wrong with a Ducati. The Ducati Monster is made in Thailand and is the cheapest model starting out at just a little more than 400K. The non-abs isn't easily available anymore but the ABS version (much better) is and comes in two colors red and black.

The difference between the locally made Ducati Monster and the imported version are enough to justify the more expensive import. The back wheal on the locally made versions have two arms that hold the axle in the imported version doesn't. You can see in the picture below what only one arm looks like.

Ducati Price List

Ducati Thailand Website

Ducati rear view

Ducati Monster ABS 2013 Thailand

Ducati Monster ABS 2013 Thailand

They didn't have any of the EVO series on display which was a little disapointing. This moster is the locally made one (you can tell from the back wheel). It uses a key but the EVO's have keyless start so you can just sit on the bike press start and off you go.

Not that I'd have any need for a bike like this one can still dream right. The Superbikes at Ducati are awesome this 1198cc Panigale caught my eye, one can dream right.

Ducati Thailand Price ListIf you want to own a Ducati you're going to pay a lot for it. Before you decide to buy a new one check out the pre-owned Thailand Ducati page for information about store room sales and customer re-sales. I saw a lot of good deals there with thousands off.

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