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Top 5 Benefits of Learning Muay Thai

If you’ve heard about the combat sport Muay Thai and are interested in learning this great martial art from Thailand, there is no better way to study this than from the masters in its country of origin. Aside from getting into a whole new discipline and learning a new form of self-defense, here are a few more benefits in getting into Muay Thai:

Weight Loss

This is the main benefit you gain from a host of body conditioning activities you’ll go through in training. The tough physical exercises will surely help those in Muay Thai training lose those extra pounds.

Subjects You to a Healthy Diet Plan

Trainees are subjected to a strict diet plan to achieve the healthy physique needed to learn Muay Thai. The combination of strenuous physical activity and a healthy diet will naturally give you positive results. You will lose weight, keep your vitals healthy and give you strength.

Helps You Recover From Addiction

Training for Muay Thai requires a certain amount of discipline, so trainees are required to stay away from vices and many kinds of addictions detrimental to a person’s health like smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. This helps maintain a healthy body all around and overall well-being.

A Sound Physique

This is one of the great benefits of training. All that physical activity involved in learning the techniques of punching, kicking and striking eventually takes a good toll on the body, developing the muscles and making the body strong. The benefits of having a sound physique extend beyond training and into our everyday activities.

benefits of muay thai

Boosts Self-Confidence

Successfully mastering the different Muay Thai techniques can boost your confidence to a whole new level. You will discover hidden capabilities you never thought you had it in you, recognizing your potential and going beyond your limits.

These are only some of the really great benefits of learning Muay Thai. However, the road to mastering this martial art is long and hard. Before embarking on that journey to Muay Thai greatness, you need to start with basic training. These are a few of the things you need to do:

  • Running – Cardio exercises is a must when training for Muay Thai to boost stamina. You are required to run approximately 18 kilometers daily, divided into two sessions: pre training and post.

  • Stretching – 20 to 30 minutes of stretching is involved every training day, making your body highly receptive to the physical demands of Muay Thai. This helps control muscular strength and flexibility

  • Shadow Boxing – The ideal shadow boxing setup is done in front of a mirror, so you could observe how you execute your techniques on throwing punches, kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes and adjust them to perfection accordingly.

  • Bag Work – Strikes are done on the bag for on hour on training day to develop strength, technique and muscle memory.

  • Skipping Rope – Essential for the development of stamina and coordination.

  • Speedball – This It will help you to intensify the speed of your punching skills, while improving hand-eye coordination, rhythm and timing.

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About Marie Felipe

Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than 6 years now promoting the importance of being fit and healthy. She realized it is quite difficult to stay fit especially if you work online and just sits every day. Luckily with a help of a little diet and hours in a Muay Thai gym she stays fit.

2 Responses to Top 5 Benefits of Learning Muay Thai

  1. harvie December 9, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    I have trained muay Thai back in England for 5 years about 3 times a week constantly. The biggest problem in Thailand is the price. I paid 1,500baht a month in the UK to train unlimited, while in Thailand lessons start from 400baht upwards.

    As much as I enjoy it, as as often as I train, it will be taking up most of my budget, id sooner train with other people at my skill level in local gyms for free or a small fee.

  2. Andrey December 20, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    18 kilometers, daily ?

    Its about 3 hrs of running ?

    Man…Its a overkill !!!

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