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Learning the Thai Language Quickly

You might have heard people say how hard Thai language is to learn, the tones, the letters, the thai words, but in fact, Thai is an easy language, much easier than English, there is no such thing as Thai Grammer and everything said is very straight forward, then why do people say it's so hard to learn? Because they're going about it the wrong way.

First thing you need to know about learning Thai Language is forget about everything you've been told about how difficult it is. Your too old to learn Thai Language? forget that too, it's a fact that children can become more fluent in a language than someone older but it's also a fact that older people can at first learn the language faster, why is that? Because older people already understand their own language better, understand how to write, speak, and the vocabulary of someone older is 10 times that of of a Child, still dont' believe me? Well I was 25 and I studied the Thai alphabet at the same time a 6y/o Thai kid did and I was able to say the thai alphabet in the 5th of the time. It's just plain fact that older people can learn the language faster than even someone who knows the language already!

Learn To Read The Thai Alphabet In One Day
So how do you go about learning the Thai language? First you need to learn the alphabet, don't even think about learning any other words. The alphabet is your basis, if you can recite the Thai alphabet clearly then all words in the Thai Language you'll be able to say with breeze. Many Thai Language Schools don't even teach the Thai alphabet and this is the wrong move. Think about it, how could you speak english properly if you can't say ABC clearly. You must start with the Thai alphabet.

Once you have mastered the Thai Alphabet then you've already learned 44 words. The 44 words make up the Thai constenants. With this in hand you'll be able to say all the words that come at you. Forget about Thai Language schools, I learnt to speak Thai with profficiency in 3 months using this method. Mind you I didn't do anything except for learn the alphabet and talk to Thai people, all this without a teacher. You don't need a teacher to learn Thai. The Thai language schools are only good for one thing. Getting an education visa so you can stay in the country to learn more Thai.

Learning by yourself has many more advantages than class instruction. Firstly when you learn Thai by yourself your learning what you want to know and only you know what you need to know. I've seen many a language school teaching how to say the different names of fingers and toes. In reality you hardly use those words, when you learn Thai by yourself you learn everything that only YOU need to know thus saving a great deal of Thai and getting you up to speed quickly.

If you have been struggling to learn Thai, it's not because your too old to learn or that Thai is a difficult language, or the tones are hard (actually it's possible to speak Thai without really understanding the tones). The reason your having so much difficulty is because your going about it the wrong way. You need to forget teachers, trainers, and everything, focus on what you want to learn and learn the alphabet!

Learning The Thai Alphabet

Learning The Thai Alphabet

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