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Surpise Ladyboy Singer For Thailands Got Talent

When you what Thailands Got Talent you expect to see a Ladyboy of course, but when the ladyboy sings both equally well in both a mans voice and a womans voice you can be a little shocked, This girl/boy was of course booted off but if you and I were to watch the video you wouldn't expect to start hearing the guy's voice. It just doesn't work and ruines the song.

There are many ladyboy singers, but none that really hit the top Thai chart billboards. Whatch the video in full and halfway through she starts singing in the guys voice.

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2 Responses to Surpise Ladyboy Singer For Thailands Got Talent

  1. Byl Stehl July 2, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    I don’t know which TGT show you were watching, but,that is Bell Nuntita, transgender singer who became a worldwide sensation for her multi ranged singing voice ability! After her appearance, she said that the voice change surprise had been planned all along, and is part of her club act.

    “Booted Off”??? What is your definition of “booted off”? She made it to the finals and was beaten by a 16 year old opera singer…(There were some questions afterward…!)anyway, she was the obvious favorite of the crowd and two of the three judges. She missed winning the whole thing by one judge.
    However, It turns out that Bell was the big winner after all, as she became world famous and a little richer than she was when she started.

    (Does anyone remember the name of the “winner” of the TGT contest?? Do YOU?)

    For someone who was booted”, she did pretty well for awhile; she was all over Thai TV and has made many appearances in Hong Kong, Viet Nam and Japan as well as Indonesia.
    She also did a credible job in her first movie appearance…”It Gets Better”. (Can be seen on Facebook as Siamovie.)
    Check out her music video, “Paradise” MV… At the end she does a duet with herself!

    The bottom line is this is a pretty talented kid who has a real kind of magic…if only she had decent management.
    If you still have doubts, check out the response to her on Facebook and Youtube, etc.
    Also, there is a compilation of all her appearances and acts on TGT…
    Tis’ funny, how after being “booted”, she just kept showing up!!!
    Listen to the crowd reaction whenever Bell does the voice change…Pretty damned good for something that “didn’t work”!!

    I have no dog in this hunt, but, I hate it when someone like you comes on as an expert and then lies like hell to push their own agenda and prejudices. There is entirely too much of that going on in the so called “news media” these days; people making up what they want to say based on their personal view of the world, no matter how distorted or false that view is.

    In future, try to keep your reporting on the clean side…I think you may be spending too much energy focusing on the sewers of the world.

    PS If you are really interested in the ladyboy thing, Dial up: Luk Pad on TGT on Youtube. Also,
    Harisu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNjt6UsFGYo ) and
    “My Favorite Girls:Harisu

    • Chris July 3, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

      Booted off…didn’t win. This is a blog of my personal views I don’t claim to be a newsreporter or even to claim any facts well at times I might cause they are but yeah, chill out bro.

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