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Why escorts are such a good option in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world to find women for sex. You have so many options! As a horny guy with a hard unit, you could easily spend a lifetime here and still not do it all. You have everything from street walkers to internet freelancers, go go bars to blowjobs bars, good girls to farang chasing groupies, massage parlors to coyote clubs, and more! On top of that you have a wide open dating scene that makes it quite easy to hookup in Bangkok too.

Yet even with all of this available, including the ease of finding a girlfriend or a committed Thai wife (or two), escorts are still one of the top options in Bangkok. I say that with real confidence, having experienced most of what this city has to offer over the years.

Escorts in Bangkok?

Escorts are common all over the world. You even find them in sexually repressed places where prostitution is actually illegal. I guess the whole idea of escorting is that the chicks are actually charging the guys for their time. They "escort" their customers to a particular place and get paid for that. Then whatever else happens like a rusty trombone is just incidental and between consenting adults.

Bangkok escort from Smooci

So you might wonder why there would even be escorts in a city like Bangkok which is literally oozing with sex from one end to another. Whether you want to spend money or not, you can almost certainly get laid in Bangkok today if not within a few minutes or reading this. It's that great of a place.

But there are actually lots and lots of escorts in Bangkok. There are all sorts of independents. Then there are all the multiple agencies, some of which are a lot better than others. There are even visiting escorts from other countries as varied as the Philippines and Germany.

Top of the food chain

When it comes to pay for play, most people put escorts at the top of the food chain. They are sort of the upper echelon when it comes to money girls. Nowadays that's really true. Sure any chick can be an escort, but no one can hide from the internet. Word spreads quickly and you can easily see reviews written by real people that tell you what you want to know.

Smooci is the best place to escorts in Bangkok. I'm writing this early in the morning and there are already tons of escorts available to me. I just checked. Whenever I find one I like, I can go through her photos, stats, and list of what she does. Then I can read verified reviews and make sure that her age is verified too. That way I don't end up with a fat grandmother at my door after booking a chick who claims she's 20 years old and 40 kilos.

Being able to just order up a girl of your choosing direct to your room and knowing what she is willing to do to make you happy is simply fantastic. Sure you have to pay, but you know what the cost is from the outset, unlike dating or marriage when you have no idea.

In my mind, there aren't many better options than online escorts in Bangkok. For a few thousand Baht you can have an hour or two of pure pleasure without doing more than clicking your mouse. What are the alternatives?

You can spend a lot of time putting together a date that goes nowhere. Or you could pick up a freelancer on the street only for something to go wrong in the room. You could waste time fishing through the grandmas in the beer bars. None are great options.

Sure you could go out and try to find a good looking chick in a go go bar. But you have to walk around, find a seat, find a girl you like, interview her to make sure she is up for fun, then pay a bar fine, the find a hotel, etc. You can easily spend over 10,000 Baht for a romp that isn't even that fun. Or you could be out all night without even finding a suitable match. Hey, it happens! It's easier for me to book an escort then get back to whatever it is I am doing. Right now that is writing this post.

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