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Guide to finding Russian girls in Bangkok

Russian women are some of the hottest chicks you can find anywhere in the world. They're internationally known as being real beauties. There are whole books and movies that center around their good looks and allure. But Russia itself is a cold place with strict visa requirements. It just doesn't compare with the land of smiles. Thankfully you can find girls from there here.

I have said many times that Thai women are my favorite girls in the world. It's really no secret. You can just look around this site to see my dedicate to Thai chicks. I love their little asses and even the way they walk and talk. But that doesn't mean I don't like some variety now and again.

A while ago I wrote a guide to finding African girls in Bangkok. Today I am going to add to the international aspect of this site by telling you where to find Russian women in the city. Bangkok attracts people from all over the world including a sizeable contingent of Russians. At least some of them are up for hookups and others will you give up the fanny if you hand over some Baht.

Russian girls in Bangkok

Like I said, there are plenty of Russian girls in Bangkok. But they're not always easy to single out. Things can get a little easier if you do like me and expand your definition of what a "Russian girl" means to include women from any part of what used to be the USSR. I guess some people might be offended, but a Russian chick born in Uzbekistan is Russian enough for me!

There are two avenues you can go when looking for Russian chicks. The first is the paid way, which means you will be spending some money to spend some time. The second way to go is to try to find some regular Russian women or tourists for a hookup.

Most Russian women in Bangkok are obviously not prostitutes. But depending on where you hang out, you may be a lot more likely to meet Russian women of the night than office workers and professionals. I mean, you wouldn't expect to meet a 19 year old Russian university student on Soi Nana at 2 o'clock in the morning, right?

Where to find them

If you want to go the paid way, you will probably find that things are a lot easier. Bangkok isn't swimming with Russian hookers, but they're not impossible to find either. The first place to check out is streets like Soi 5 and Soi 7 where they meet Sukhumvit Road. I can't count how many times I was propositioned by Russian ladies around those corners. The next place to look is down around the entrance to Nana Plaza. There's a famous hotel around that that was long known to be home to plenty of Eastern European and Central Asian hookers. Old habits die hard!

To meet regular Russian women in Bangkok you will have to put in more work. I have only seen a handful of Russian babes on the online dating sites over the years. You'd probably be better off signing up for Mamba if you want to go that route. But I have run into quite a few down around Khao San Road. I've seen met a few in the Bangkok nightclubs like Mixx.

If you absolutely strike out on finding Russian women in Bangkok, there's no need to fret. You can simply take the short trip down to the nearby sea. Pattaya actually has a go go bar filled with Russian chicks right on walking street. And there are tons of Russian tourists there too. The Planet Earth Beach Club has a ladies night and bikini contest every Friday that attracts a lot of Russian babes. If you don't have luck there, just walk around first or second road, the beach, or ride on a Baht bus and you're sure to run into some. Be sure that they didn't come with a Russian husband before you invite them back to your room though. Unless the guy is busy himself over at Rasputin body to body massage!

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