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New Escort Directories in Asia – Forget Backpages and Craigslist

Ever since Backpages got seized by the US government and Craigslist started cracking down on ads for adult services, there’s been a void in the world of reliable escort directories. 

It has taken a couple of years, but one company is offering free and legit ads for escorts worldwide.  I fully expect that this will soon be the replacement for Backpages and will be the "go-to” international escort directory.

They just recently launched, but I have a feeling they will quickly fill the void.  So if you are interested in escorts in asia, keep an eye on this company.

Here are a few of their sites:

Bangkok Escorts:

Phuket Escorts:

Manila Escorts:

Tokyo Escorts:

What is an Escort Directory?

Escort directories are where women can post free and paid ads for adult services...such as: full service sex, happy ending massages, blowjobs, and other erotic services. 

Men can browse these ads, find an escort they are interested in, contact her, agree on a price, and arrange their “adult date” together. 

An escort directory is not a pimp or an escort agency, they are simply a website where clients can find women offering adult services for money.

Is an Escort Directory Free to Use?

There are two parties that use this kind of website: the escort and the client.

The escort can post ads for free, or she can pay for a premium ad that will stand out.

It is completely free for the client to use an escort directory.  They browse for free, they get the girls contact information for free, they can arrange the price and the “adult date” directly with the girl. 

Why Use Websites Like This?

Really, it comes down to simplicity and quickly finding the information you need...in this case, it clearly lists the escort, her services, and price.  No annoying pop-ups or stupid banner ads being shoved in your face.

The website design style of good directories are simplicity and usability first...without any fluff.  

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